Roissy is not kidding. He says that he must disbelieve in God, or life would be unbearable to him, he would be lost. He’s not just a disbeliever in God, he’s an enemy of God.

Ugly People Made Me An Atheist

October 30, 2009 by roissy

Sometimes, dark ominous thoughts intrude, and a feeling of utter hopelessness overwhelms me. I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, fearing that god may exist, and that I will be punished in eternal hellfire for my many, many, MANY years of sinning.

And then I see people like these …

[he shows a series of photos of left end of the bell curve people]

… and a wave of relief sweeps over me as I happily reaffirm that god does not exist, and I am free to go on sinning without worry.

- end of initial entry -

Ingemar writes:

Place Roissy in the anti-pantheon of village atheists.

I marvel at how atheists pride themselves as exponents of reason when so many of them hate God for completely irrational reasons.

Alan Roebuck writes:

I posted the below comment at Roissy’s post that you linked, “Ugly People Make Me An Atheist.” It probably won’t make any difference, but somebody needs to take him to the woodshed.

Mr. Roissy,

If ugliness disproves God, then beauty proves Him, and we’re back to square one. Do you have any evidence (as opposed to just the hope) that there’s no God? And, more importantly, do you know the correct criteria for judging the evidence for and against God? For if you apply the wrong criteria to judging the evidence, you’ll draw the wrong conclusion, and given what’s at stake, you’d better be damned sure your conclusion is correct.

Regarding your post, “Visualizing Omega”: God or no God, insulting people over weaknesses they can do nothing about is evil and contemptible. You need to stop behaving like a degenerate and start behaving like a civilized person.

LA replies:

Mr. Roebuck writes:

“If ugliness disproves God, then beauty proves Him, and we’re back to square one.”

Yes. The atheists, such as Roissy, encounter something in the universe that is objectionable,—evil or suffering or ugliness—and they say that this disproves the existence of God. But if they believe that evil and suffering and ugliness prove the non-existence of God, then they are also saying that goodness and happiness and beauty prove the existence of God. Furthermore, I don’t think that the two statements cancel each other out and put us back at square one. For there to be any good quality in the world, like beauty, then there must also be deficiencies in that good quality, namely ugliness. So the existence of ugliness doesn’t cancel out the existence of beauty, but is derivative of beauty, representing the lack of beauty. And since beauty exists, then, by Roissy’s own reasoning, God exists.

I learned that in Augustine 101.

M. Mason writes:

It was predictable, since “Roissyism” was never much more than psychopathology masquerading as Deep Thinking anyway. That sort of edgy, brittle avoidance of self-examination recounted above isn’t only a symptom of being liberal, it’s probably what creates liberals in the first place. Most of them can’t bear a moment of honest self-examination because it would mean coming face-to-face with their own shortcomings, failures and sin (not to mention the suicidal end-point irrationality of liberalism itself). And that really scares them. The process feeds on itself, because as time passes they have ever more vested in maintaining this fiction that they’ve arrived at something akin to an ultimate metaphysical state of Nirvana. Instead, they project evil onto other people or society as a whole in order to maintain the delusion—at all costs—of their own righteousness.

But in dismissing reason and traditional restraints on behavior, by “liberating” human nature and embracing moral and cultural relativism, what has actually happened is that the left has brought people to the place where they’ve become morally and intellectually paralyzed. In a pathetic maneuver to relieve the inner tension and pressure this creates, many of them simply give up and degenerate into vacuous goofs, incapable of serious thought.

This will not end well for Roissy. Reality hits back with the force of a sledgehammer, he’ll find out. There’s a wise old saying among Christians that “Sin will take you further than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay and charge you more than you want to pay.” Given Roissy’s present high-speed descent and kamikaze trajectory, I’d say it won’t be too much longer before he ignominiously crashes, another freelance nihilist adrift in space and time, just waiting for the end.

LA replies:

Gosh, and I was thinking maybe I should try to avoid offending the Roissyites too much. Today at his site a commenter said

Lawrence Auster says that Roissy is “not just a disbeliever in God, he’s an enemy of God.” Auster would know because he’s a Jew and everything. BTW, anybody else interested in starting up a “Send Auster to Israel, permanently” donation…

But now you’re going to get them really angry.

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