What happens when a country puts aliens and enemies in positions of authority

The latest from the Dead Island. An Iranian immigrant named Ali Dizaei rose to a high position in Scotland Yard and ran rings around everyone with threats of the racism charge, which apparently worked every time. But now, as the Mail reports:

A criminal in uniform: Teflon Commander Ali Dizaei used race card to dodge jail for years. Now he’s got four-year term for framing an innocent man

PLUS: How his bosses limply played along—and the myriad women who shared his chequered life

He swaggered around Scotland Yard believing he was above the law.

Commander Ali Dizaei bullied, intimidated and threatened anyone who crossed his path.

If that didn’t work, the Iranian-born officer accused them of being racist.

But yesterday his reign of corruption came to a dramatic end when he was condemned as a ‘criminal in uniform’ and given four years in jail for trying to frame an innocent man. [read the rest of the story at the Mail.]

In London, an Iranian Muslim rules the streets

The British committed an insane error when they let millions of hostile aliens such as Ali Dizaei immigrate into their country. There is no escape—no escape—from the fatal course on which the British have embarked, other than ADMITTING the mistake they made and REVERSING course.

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LA writes:

A reader sends a follow-up about Dizaei from the Mail:

The day ‘General’ Dizaei met the Iranian president (and guess who paid for the trip)

Dizaei wile suspended from his job, flew to Iran, in a trip paid for by the government (the British government) to attend a conference at which the Iranian President Ah’jad spoke.

The nations of the West have allowed their enemies to immigrate, to become citizens, and to become high ranking officials.

Nik S. writes:

“Commander Ali Dizaei bullied, intimidated and threatened anyone who crossed his path.”

The worst thing about this article is the fact that he is sitting on a nearly one million pound pension pot. That’s more than one and a half million dollars!

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