Determining who stands highest in the leftist hierarchy

Markus writes:

A black hockey player, Wayne Simmonds, got into a scruff with probably the most hated man in the NHL, the notorious Sean Avery, and uttered a homosexual slur. Avery, who is white, and who has been in frequent trouble both on and off the ice, and whose own coach doesn’t like him, has in the last year reinvented himself as a philosopher king, whose cause celebre is … “gay marriage.”

Guess on whose side the bien pensants are coming down?

Maybe there are limits to what blacks can get away with, even in Black Run America.

I’m getting so disgusted with the corporate leftism of pro sports that my lingering addiction to hockey is finally starting to give way. Maybe that’s a good thing.

LA replies:

I believe that this is not the first time that a black professional athlete has gotten in trouble with the liberal system for using an anti-homosexual slur. I’m not clear how this represents a damning contradiction on the part of liberalism, if that is what you’re suggesting.

As a general matter I would say that pro-homosexual is higher in the leftist hierarchy than pro-black. But I’m not sure that that is what is operating here. In this case, the black man got in trouble for using an anti-homosexual slur against a pro-homosexual white man. However, if the pro-homosexual white man had used an anti-black slur, I would imagine that he would get in trouble for that. So I don’t see what this incident proves.

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Markus replies:

I’m not even sure what I was suggesting. The race-orientation angle is of only minor interest to me, though I agree with the pecking order you provided.

It’s more that we’re living in a world where the control freaks really are in control. And they’re as daring as they are stupid. I mean, hockey has to be one of the most violent of the team sports—the fans are so filled with bloodlust that the league will give no more than a 5-minute penalty for fighting—and yet the schoolmarm reporters think they can sanitize it of … schoolyard taunts? They seriously think they can have toughness without any of the negatives that come with the aggression?

Oh, right, liberals are against nature itself. And, as you’ve previously said, sports reporters are the most sickeningly liberal of all journalists, if not of all humans.

Here’s an op-ed by one Dave Shoalts, in which he gives a lengthy quote to a homosexual organization spokesman. It’s all part of the normalizing of homosexuality in our society, and you have to hand it to the gay lobby—they’re more ruthless than any hockey player that likely exists.

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