Calls for Palin’s death are common in liberal blogosphere

Kathlene M. writes:

Two days ago, a blogger named Aurelius at PunditPress catalogued many instances in which liberal blogs were calling for the death of Sarah Palin. He has a few screenshots of comments there. Yet no one in the media or law enforcement seem to notice this.

(Also, as an aside, I cannot understand this insane hatred of Palin. She’s not exactly a conservative, so why do the left hate her so much? I still don’t get it.)

LA replies:

As I noted in a comment the other day, I think it’s all about symbolism. It has very little to do with Palin’s political positions. It has to do with what she symbolizes for liberals, which is, everything they fear and loathe. And this is the inverse (converse? obverse?) of her fans’ experience of her. Their love for her is not based on her political positions, but on what she as a person symbolizes in their minds.

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Kathlene writes:

Your answer makes sense. So if Palin symbolizes the fear and loathing of the left toward conservatives, then their deathwish for Palin is a deathwish for all conservatives. This means that about 21 percent of the population (who identify as “liberal”) wish that about 40 percent of the population (who identify as “conservative”) should die. (See Gallup.) Furthermore, 21 percent of the population is trying to brainwash the remaining 35 percent of the population (the “moderates”) into believing that conservatives should die.

Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that five percent of the population (who identify as “very liberal”) wish for a relatively large portion of America (40 percent who are conservative to very conservative) to die. That such a small group (five percent) has such a stranglehold on the political discourse is troubling.

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