Will white guilt subside with the passing of the Baby Boomers?

Paul Kersey twitter message to Joey Kennedy of The Birmingham News:

Blacks have ruined Birmingham. Just a factual statement.

Joey Kennedy reply to Paul Kersey:

Birmingham was pretty ruined by racist white people bombing churches and attacking peaceful marchers in the streets.

Paul Kersey reply:

Bombing happened in 1963.

Kathlene M. writes:

Paul Kersey’s twitter exchange with Pulitzer-award winning reporter Joey Kennedy of The Birmingham News reinforces something I’ve noticed: the Baby Boom and preceding generations are still living in the 1960s Civil Rights era, and continue to believe that all white people must atone for their guilt over racial discrimination. I’ve had enough conversations with people of those generations to realize that they see everything in America through the “horrors of segregation.” Most, perhaps all, current government “social justice” policy proceeds from this personal/generational guilt turned into a collective white guilt.

Because these generations are currently in power over every aspect of our culture, we may have another five to ten years of their guilt-ridden mindset and policies before they start to die off and lose power, and then maybe the racial stranglehold over speech in this country will be broken. [LA replies: I don’t see why you should believe that. I see no indication that Generation X is any better on these issues than the Baby Boomers.] Of course the big problem is that the non-American immigrant hordes that are being imported have no recollection of the Civil Rights era or any American history or traditions for that matter, and once these non-American immigrants are in power, they will not be beholden to American “social justice,” except for themselves.

LA replies:

You are suggesting that the prevailing belief in the white moral debt to blacks will lose its power over society as nonwhite immigrants and their descendants gain political power. I don’t agree. At present, blacks, Hispanics, and other nonwhites form a coalition with liberal whites against whatever remains of traditional, constitutional, and white America, which we could call America 1.0. I see no reason why that should change in the coming years. In the 1960s, white guilt over real and imagined mistreatment of blacks took over the American mind; that guilt was then quickly expanded to include imagined white mistreatment of all nonwhites in the world. The belief in that universal and unappeasable white guilt is the core of the ruling liberal system which is aimed at the total destruction of America 1.0 and its replacement by a new America, America 2.0, which will be ruled (as I’ve put it) by a coalition of nonwhite parasites and white leftist scum. The 2012 presidential election marked the historic moment when the ongoing replacement of America 1.0 by America 2.0 first became explicit in the national consciousness. The belief in the racist evil of America 1.0 that fuels and legitimizes America 2.0 is not going to change in its fundamentals until it has completed the destruction of America 1.0.

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Aaron S. writes:

You said:

I don’t see why you should believe that. I see no indication that Generation X is any better on these issues than the Baby Boomers.

My reading: We Generation X-ers are a bit better on this than the Boomers. The problem: it doesn’t matter. There are two reasons for this. First: the “elite” in my age cohort are not different enough from the Boomers to make a shift. Second: even if the first weren’t true, we are, plainly and simply, outnumbered. People sometimes forget that the X group is relatively small next to the Boomers, the Y group and the Millennials. What Kathlene says about the Boomers is true enough, but one has to remember that the Ys/millennials are their children, they far outnumber the X-ers, and they are perfect liberal citizens. I know a bit about this; I teach them.

Many are wonderfully kind people. They are responsible. Among upper-middle class whites, at least, they have known loving homes and in many respects that shows. But, unfortunately, they also abound in ignorance and docility. They will listen to their betters and continue voting to enable the termites.

James N. writes:

Your links to Front Page Magazine articles are dead. It looks as though your writings there are down the memory hole.

LA replies:

I’ve been checking this out for the last 15 minutes since I got your e-mail. It’s not just me. It seems that they no longer maintain archives prior to April 2009. See their archive page.

This purging of older articles must be very recent because just within the last month I’ve seen some of my FP articles at FP.

I have my own saved copies of my FP articles. Now I’ll have to re-post them at my own site, which will be a big job.

Karl D. writes:

As a member of “Generation X” I can tell you that the passing of the Baby Boomers will not make one bit of difference upon race realism among my generation or any others that have followed. If anything it will be worse! We have all been raised in the post-1960s world. People of my age group (mid forties to early fifties) caught the tail end of America 1.0. The rest have gone through an educational system from K-12 and especially college that was steeped in liberalism. You would be hard pressed to find anyone under 45 who doesn’t think that everything before the mid 1960s was woefully dark and depressing. Talk about those days to almost anyone in their twenties and thirties and all you will hear is oppression of blacks, gays, women, and minorities.

The fact that people led happy lives back then does not occur to them. They are under the belief that every woman was biting her nails all day thinking about abortion, or her husband holding her back from her dreams and keeping her barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Blacks got up every morning and worried about being lynched, beaten, forced out of restaurants and steering clear of the white man. The same could be said for homosexuals and other minorities. This is the cartoonish way that many young people look at pre-1960s America—the sin that can never be erased until perfect equality has been attained or the white man has been bred out of existence. The real irony is that these tales are told to them (for the most part) by Baby Boomers. The very people who benefitted from being raised in America 1.0.

Daniel H. writes:

What can whites do for blacks and other so called minorities? Here is a measure suggested (not satirically) by John Holbo, a leftist academic reporting at the blog Crooked Timber:

What would it take for minorities to stop hearing Republican talking points as ethnocentric dog-whistles? … Stage a national apology tour, in which Republicans beat their breasts about their bad behavior in the past, beg forgiveness, let bygones be bygones. If Republicans did all that it would probably actually work with minorities. They could wipe the slate clean with tears of regret about all that stuff Lee Atwater talks about.

Of course that wouldn’t be sufficient. Nothing will ever be sufficient for the white man to atone.

Aditya B. writes:

Anyone who imagines that the currently prevailing system of taboos will fade away with the “Boomers” is kidding himself.

Since I fearlessly espouse race-realism, I am a virtual pariah in Los Angeles. My only friends are Orthodox Jews who have no sympathy for rubbish leftism and are race-realists themselves due to painful personal experience. Orthodox Jews are usually the last to flee black neighborhoods because they have to shift their entire infrastructure (Yeshivas, Mikves, Shuls), and so they come into direct contact with the Undertow. Virtually every Jew I know who immigrated from the East Coast has been attacked by the Undertow. Not only are they sympathetic to my point of view, they support it completely (except the women—Oy, why is it always the women?).

I have recently been ostracized for my views on race by another set of friends: white and Asian attorneys. Mind you, I didn’t say a word about whites or Asians; I simply engaged in a frank discussion about the incompetence of blacks in position of authority.

They have stopped speaking to me.

Before I immigrated to America, I thought the Hindu was the most cowardly, conformist creature on Earth. I am now convinced that this distinction belongs to the Homo Americanus, the New American of America 2.0. These people will be as orthodox as Boomers and probably even more so, as they have absolutely no exposure to anything other than leftism. They will ensure that “America” will be ruled by a coalition of nonwhite parasites and white leftist scum.

In this county it is possible to control people without any official censor or secret police. Independent thought, critical thinking, or even survival is alien to today’s Americans. For far too long, they have grown too safe, too rich, owing to the sacrifices of their ancestors. They will continue along this Path to National Suicide until their race is dead, or until America simply runs out of money and other resources to support all the parasites.

I really don’t know how this is going to play out. But this I can say for sure, this coalition of hate cannot last much longer. This coalition will fall apart due to the internal hatreds of its members, who for the most part, hate each other more than they hate the white man. Again, I don’t know when this will happen, but happen it will.

However, for the immediate and intermediate future, there is no hope of resurgence of race realism or traditionalism. As long as there’s something on the telly, and we can shop till we drop, we’ll keep on moving “Forward” towards that abyss.

LA replies:

I admire you very much for taking the stands you take; you are an exceptional person.

Kathlene M. writes:

I thought that maybe white moral blame would be reduced, not because I believe the brainwashed Generation X or the Millennials will be better, but because these next generations—at least those who are white—will have less power too. Will the reality of America 2.0 slap some sense into people? I look at California as my model. The next generation of California politicians includes more Asians and Hispanics who dole out help to their own communities. As whites recede in power, and various ethnic groups struggle for control over each other, how long will beating the dead white horse work as cover for the increasing problems and conflicts? Will white people who are my children’s ages (ten and six) accept being perpetual scapegoats for the problems of the world in America 2.0? I’m being sincere in my questions. Maybe I’m wrong to think that “white moral blame” will change dramatically in five to ten years. I’m just suggesting that as the generations change and history fades, the underlying assumptions could change too.

LA replies:

The scenario you suggest is a logically possible projection of present trends: As whites progressively lose power and influence, and the nonwhites battle each other over the remaining goods of America 1.0, the white liberals and the nonwhites may become less fixated on white non-liberals as the source of all evils.

But I don’t think that will happen. First, even after whites cease to be the majority, they will (just as in South Africa where whites are about one quarter of the population) still be running things and still have more wealth than other groups, which will continue to make them a target of the envious nonwhites.

Second, as the society progressively becomes more dysfunctional, the rulers and followers of America 2.0 will still need a shared scapegoat for their problems, and that scapegoat will continue to be white conservatives.

I am reminded of how when President Nixon visited Communist China in 1974 the regime mounted theatrical productions in which the villains were evil landlords. Now the landlords had all been wiped out by the Communist Revolution in the 1940s, yet the regime, 25 years later, was still using them as the devil by which it legitimized its own rule. I expect that the same will be true of America 2.0. Though whites will have been toppled from their position of demographic and cultural dominance, they will still, in accordance with the liberal script, be cast in the part of the evil white racist against whom the virtuous white liberal demonstrates his virtue and his right to rule.

December 3

Rick Darby writes:

I (honorary Baby Boomer, b. 1945) used to say, “I’ll feel better when my generation is dead.”

I’m starting to think I will have to be more patient. A few more generations will need to pass out of this life before recovery can begin.

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