What happened to the naked body scan and grope regime?

I haven’t seen anything about it for a couple of weeks. Has the government dropped the policy (as they did for one day on the day before Thanksgiving)? Or has the naked scan and grope continued and everyone has accepted it and stopped complaining about it (which, if true, means that America is really and truly in the grave)? Or have the policy and the popular outrage against it continued, but the media decided not to cover it? But that can’t be the case, since back in November much of our information was coming from individuals telling about their experiences, and if the scanning and groping had continued, people would still be telling about it.

It’s weird the way a controversy burns like a fire, occupying everyone’s attention, then just disappears. And it disappears so thoroughly that no one notices that it has disappeared.

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James R. writes:

The issue disappeared down the memory hole but the procedure remains, after having been fobbed off with promises by Homeland Security of “review” but further pledges that it won’t be changed.

We all went back to our simple lives after being told to “forget this ever happened … forget … forget”

LA replies:

But how could it disappear down memory hole if it’s still happening?

James R. replies:

I dunno, Winston - all I know is it did and the people who were covering it before Thanksgiving have moved on.

Lydia McGrew writes:

Of course the naked body scan and grope regime is continuing. This link was just up on Drudge today, though I notice it has since been bumped off by other stories. The TSA has been defiant and of course has not stopped and will not stop until and unless Congress or the executive branch stops them. People may still be telling their stories on blogs, but Drudge may have gotten bored posting them. Or perhaps people feel that no one will be interested in their stories now that there are so many similar horror stories already out there. The government will count on this effect to make the outrage die down so that the American people will accept it as a permanent feature of life and travel.

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