Guardian: Conflagration and carnage in the capital and beyond

The story covers violence in Croydon, Birmingham, Battersea, Lewisham, Kilburn, Liverpool and Camden.

For example:

Several large fires engulfed the centre of Croydon on Monday night as the unrest that has gripped London spread to one of the capital’s most southerly boroughs.

Residents said the trouble started in outlying neighbourhoods at about 7 pm with 200 to 300 youths rampaging through the streets looting and setting fire to shops.

Now here’s what the MP for Croyden, Gavin Barwell, said:

“I’m sickened to see this happening in my town. My first instinct is sympathy for the businesses and residents who have been directly affected by what’s happened. The main building which was seen on fire at Reeves Corner is a family business called Reeves, which has been there for a century, and it’s been completely destroyed.

“The people responsible for this wanton violence need to be brought to justice.”

So Barwell is “sickened,” his FIRST instinct is “sympathy” for the people affected—NOT the instinct to use force to stop these enemies of society in their tracks. And he calls for the rioters to be “brought to justice.”

It’s all passive whining, sentimental reactions to the damage, and the idea that after the damage is done the law breakers should be prosecuted, as though that were some meaningful, novel thing to do. This is the standard, shuffling, unmanly, timorous way they all talk over there. They’re an Island of cowards falling over themselves to be sensitive.

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