When a liberal opinion writer is “flash-mugged” by anti-white blacks, will he become a liberal who has been mugged by reality? Fat chance.

On the obviously race-motivated attack (they didn’t take his money) on liberal blogger Matthew Yglesias by two black “flash muggers” in Washington, D.C., Steve Sailer writes:

It will be interesting to see whether this despicable violence against perhaps the leading opinion journalist of his young generation creates much media attention, or whether it’s dropped down the memory hole as too uncomfortable to think about. Yglesias, with his enthusiasm for promoting urban living and walkability, is a leading spokesman for a broad movement I feel warmly toward—well-educated younger people who are attempting to reclaim urban areas for the urbane. But this crime against a public face of the movement—while he was walking through an urban space, no less—demonstrates the risks involved.

While I’m familiar with the term “flash mob,” I’m not sure if “flash mugging” has been used before. I needed it to describe what happened to Yglesias.

(Also, here is a comment by me on Yglesias’s “idiot anti-nationalism” in 2006.)

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John Hagan writes:

Matthew Yglesias will take this beating in silence. Like all good eloi he’s terrified of speaking the truth about black on white violence.

Thucydides writes:

I don’t know if you are familiar with Washington, DC, but the area in which Yglesias was walking was not one in which any person can safely walk day or night. No doubt his leftist faith caused him to ignore the obvious danger. Ideology made him stupid.

Josh G. writes:

Apparently this is a wide spread activity. I took an informal poll of 11th and 12th grade students when I read about a similar incident about a year ago. A clear majority of my African American students (who make up a bit more than half of our student population) admitted to participating in a random attack. This is true for both males and females, though the percentage was obviously higher for females. It seems that this activity is most popular among middle school aged children (I would describe the reaction of my students to the question as feigned embarrassment masking pride) and that favorite targets are the homeless and people who look like Matt Yglesias.

Incidentally, are you aware that Supreme Court Justice Souter was attacked in this fashion back in 2004?

LA replies:

What did they mean by participating in a “random” attack? An attack on anyone, of any race? Or an attack on people of a specific race? In which case it would not be random.

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