A super Perfect Storm, consisting of a Perfect Storm plus the election: Bible Code predicts Romney victory!

I post this for its own piquant interest, not because I am endorsing it. I also note that the reader’s information comes from that acme of reliability, World Net Daily. However, even for those of us who are skeptical, there is a certain undeniably exciting logic to it, i.e., that the Democratic Northeast will be affected by the hurricane, not the Republican South.

Guiliano D. writes:

Subject: Prophecy: Romney will win BIG

According to this article at WND, the Bible Code states that Romney will be the next president of the United States. Hurricane Sandy is a confirmation of this, as nature at God’s command pummels the liberal East Coast—New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc. The East Coast, that liberal bastion, will not recover for weeks during the election as it is flooded (think Noah). The Romney tide will sweep the country. Notice that the southern states THIS TIME are not affected by a hurricane!

The only reason the polls, those false prophecies, are close is that most people in their hearts want this Obama guy out but will not say so publicly until they are safely inside the privacy of a voting booth. Oh, they say he’s a likeable character, but that is just to offset what they really think … [LA replies: But if that were true, Obama would be way ahead in the polls, not tied. So the number of people who conceal from pollsters their true opposition to Obama must be very small. Also, why would anyone hide his thoughts from a pollster? The polls are entirely anonymous.]

Both God and nature are making a statement—a tidal sweep for Romney! Obama knows this as he has already purchased a property in Hawaii to retreat and retire there (not Chicago).

LA writes:

Here’s why I call the hurricane a Perfect Storm. Yesterday afternoon I was having brunch in a neighborhood restaurant, and the TVs behind the bar were on, but with the sound off. Customers and employees, sitting or standing at the bar, were all watching the TVs. The program was showing a map with the current and projected track of the hurricane, at that point even with South Carolina and heading northeast in the ocean along the East Coast, and predicted to turn suddenly 90 degrees to the West when it was even with New Jersey. This made no sense to me, so I asked, in a voice that everyone at the bar could hear: “How can they know that the storm will suddenly turn hard left a day from now?” A couple seated near me explained it: There is also a storm coming from the northeast, and when it hits the hurricane coming from the southeast it will force it to turn west. At the same time, there is also a mass of cold air coming down from the north.

This made sense, and also sounded like a perfect storm.

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Randy writes:

If Romney wins by a narrow margin and takes one or two Tossup states affected by the storm, do you think for one minute that Obama will not go to court and have the election put on hold? That is, they will say that blacks and under unprivileged groups were more affected by the storm and were unable to get out and vote (e.g. couldn’t get the buses full of illegals to the voting stations). Therefore we should set up a new date for those who missed the opportunity. They will have no problem finding a cooperative judge like the one in Pennsylvania who overturned the Pennsylvania voter ID law. They will remain in power until Jan 1, 2013 so that would be plenty of time to implement their plans.

The media and John McCain will go right along. The government agencies that have law enforcement power are now subservient to the Muslim Brotherhood so you can’t expect any opposition from them. Such an action would be just fine to a large number of Americans.

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Guiliano D. writes:

This perfect storm has also been nicknamed “Frankenstorm.” This ties in with another theme running through VFR the past few days—the liberal deformation of the self (Frankenstein).

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