What happens to Israel under Separationism?

Bruce B. writes:

Does “Separationism” imply neutrality towards Israel? Our support for Israel is obviously a source of friction with Muslims and can make us the target of Muslim terrorism.

I’m not being a wise-guy. The thought just crossed my mind.

LA replies:

The purpose of Separationism is to secure the non-Islamic world from Islam. Israel is part of the non-Islamic world. By the way,we don’t have to do anything for Israel. Most of the hate against America for interfering in Israel etc. has occurred during the period since the “peace process” began. That was when we became intrusive and a constant, irritating presence in the Mideast. If we just let Israel do what it needed to do to protect itself (assuming that it wants to protect itself), that wouldn’t require any interference on our part in the Mideast. It’s the “peace process,” aimed at the impossible goal of peace between Israel and Arabs, that has led us to interfere, and to do so in such a constant, hand-on way.

Bruce replies:

Thanks. Should have read your separationism archive for your definition before asking. I was probably thinking “isolationism” rather than “separationism.”

LA continues:

As for our support for Israel’s existence being a source of friction with Muslims, I think a much larger source of friction would be that under Separationism the Western world (and, one hopes, the entire non-Islamic world) would be sending Muslims back to the Muslim lands and cooperating in containing them there. That would be a much greater cause of annoyance to the Muslims than the existence of Israel and our friendship with it. Also, Separationism involves having permanent bases at the margins of the Islamic world to observe it and, if necessary from time to time, to attack and destroy dangerous entities within it. An already established Western nation located geographically within the Muslim world would not contradict that strategy.

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