L-dotters on the beer summit

Here are some responses at Lucianne.com to yesterday’s news that Officer Crowley accepted the invitation to schmooze at the White House with Obammie and Clyde. Almost to a man and woman, the L-Dotters regret Crowley’s decision as much as I do.

Reply 1—Posted by: mheffel, 7/28/2009 12:23:08 AM (No. 5725996)

I agree, it’s a trap. The major newspapers and media outlets are waiting to pounce on Crowley like a fox on a rabbit. One slip of the tongue and he’s done. They want this policeman to be a racist … so far, no such luck, but they’ll keep trying to corner him.

Reply 2—Posted by: Pageturner, 7/28/2009 12:27:04 AM (No. 5726003)

There’s nothing to work out. This is not a feud. This is an arrest that has been resolved. The policeman need not apologize for anything.

Obama seems to think this is a feud. This is an occasion for Gates to issue an apology for his outrageous behavior.

Reply 3—Posted by: Charactercounts, 7/28/2009 12:29:42 AM (No. 5726006)

Nothing good can come of such a meeting for Sgt. Crowley.

On the other hand, it gives Obama some cover for his odious remarks, and a nice photo-op.

Reply 4—Posted by: kelty, 7/28/2009 12:30:24 AM (No. 5726007)

The cop is outnumbered. Obama and the other guy are buds.

Reply 5—Posted by: pecosFlyer, 7/28/2009 12:31:53 AM (No. 5726011)

This looks like a job for Jesse!

Reply 6—Posted by: Thwarkmaster, 7/28/2009 12:34:33 AM (No. 5726013)

Dumb. Sarah Palin sat down with Chuckles Gibson. Then she sat down with Cutie Couric. Dumb. Obama and Gates have an opportunity to come out of this looking good. Crowley has little chance, period. If everybody has six or eight beers, it might get interesting.

Reply 7—Posted by: spark29, 7/28/2009 12:40:16 AM (No. 5726019)

#2 is right on the money.

Crowly is a fool to go, if he does.

Reply 8—Posted by: Sonar, 7/28/2009 12:40:35 AM (No. 5726021)

A case of Schlitz Malt Liquor beer and a box of donuts should help make everything better.

Reply 9—Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623, 7/28/2009 12:51:56 AM (No. 5726030)

Don’t do it.

Wouldn’t you think the President of the United States of America would have something better to do ?

I think Gates saw an opportunity to sell more books. Who knows ? Maybe another book is in the works already. The people of NC should be upset about his comments in an interview.

Gates is like Sotomayor. Shut up, the more that comes it, the worse you look.

Reply 10—Posted by: snakeoil, 7/28/2009 12:55:33 AM (No. 5726035)

Crowley gets a Coors, Hussein a Ramadan root beer, and Gates a Colt 45 Malt Liquor. A setup to let Jug Ears pretend to be Solomon and the great race healer. Puke city.

Reply 11—Posted by: doctorfixit, 7/28/2009 12:58:03 AM (No. 5726040)

Crowley has already admitted he’s an Obama supporter, therefore it’s no surprise that he is sabotaging his position. You have to think beyond yourself when you are in the national spotlight.

Reply 12—Posted by: Beagle, 7/28/2009 1:06:08 AM (No. 5726052)

The Marxist Mulatto gets to look like he’s the neutral referee in the fight with which he had nothing to do, the wise Solomon. Gates gets to look like a sport taking the moral high road of “moving on”, and Crowley gets to be the chump in this three-card monte. He should stay home out of solidarity with all the other police departments in America that have been unjustly maligned and racially profiled by the two race hustlers he’s been invited to share, condescendingly, the working man’s beverage. Afterwards, Zippy and Skippy will repair to the residence quarters to have champagne and caviar and a good laugh at how they got whitey on this one.

Reply 13—Posted by: Panman, 7/28/2009 1:23:27 AM (No. 5726074)

Agree it is a Trap!

If Crowly still supports Zero, a guy that called him a Racist then he is toast!

Reply 14—Posted by: marianspeaks, 7/28/2009 1:39:27 AM (No. 5726084)

Sorry folks—you are WRONG! Sgt Crowley is in a Lose-Lose position right now. If he doesn’t go—he leaves himself open to massive Liberal criticism, kind of like what they did to Sarah Palin.

If he does go, the gang that can’t talk straight will overwhelm him.

You know the way they LIE.

The best chance he has is to go and stand up for himself—something he has done very well so far.

Reply 15—Posted by: Twiggy, 7/28/2009 2:15:57 AM (No. 5726114)

Stay home. They just want an apology on TV from Crowley. It’s a trap. Don’t give Zero the satisfaction of bringing you to DC for a beer. What a joke!

Reply 16—Posted by: Ida Lil, 7/28/2009 3:39:03 AM (No. 5726147)

On the other hand Sgt. Crowley could go in dress uniform politely refuse the beer and inform the Obe that contrary to his assumptions cops and drinking are not a given.

He should add I don’t drink on duty nor when in uniform while representing law enforcement officers all over America.

We are not racists.

Reply 17—Posted by: vwlarry, 7/28/2009 4:46:28 AM (No. 5726166)

What a stupid stunt.

Reply 30—Posted by: Country Boy, 7/28/2009 8:24:35 AM (No. 5726461)

I don’t think Crowley has much choice. I’m sure he is getting pressure from the Governor’s office. If Crowley pushed back, he’d probably have to “retire”, say in 6 months.

Reply 31—Posted by: newfem, 7/28/2009 8:37:11 AM (No. 5726499)

Unfortunately, Crowley does need to go. However, he should expect an apology from both Gates and the president.

Crowley needs to have either a recording device or have the black officer that was with him during the incident, or both.This is an ambush.

In order to soothe race relations, Gates needs to lead and make a public statement apologizing for his disorderly conduct because he lost his temper due to exhaustion from a long trip and ingrained suspicion of whites and police. He should thank the police department for wanting to protect his home. Most importantly he should encourage all (whites and those of color) to not look at any incident through the eyes of their skin color or “race” history. He should denounce race baiters of all stripes, including hinself and make this a start of a new day.

Reply 32—Posted by: Nan, 7/28/2009 8:37:52 AM (No. 5726501)

Hopefully Crowley will not fall for the set up to make him look like a bad guy and Gates as the poor mistreated black guy and BHO as mister wonderful.

Crowley should decline the invitation.

Reply 33—Posted by: nyctironc, 7/28/2009 8:37:53 AM (No. 5726502)

He shouldn’t go! This is mafia style of resolving a problem. Parties involved are call in,pressured and intimidated,then happy faces follow. The idiot”taxpayer”(in mafias world,small shop owner) watches all this and does nothing. Where is the outrage? What times are we living on? This is the greatest country in the world? Aren’t we fooling ourselves?

Reply 36—Posted by: Proud American, 7/28/2009 8:50:40 AM (No. 5726542)

I cannot tell you how dissappointed I am that Sgt. Crowley has accepted this invitation to a “learning moment”. I called the Cambridge police department last week to extend my support to him and the entire department.

Let it be known—Americans are “teached” out on this racial garbage. Time we started acting like Americans and not special sects of America. They will twist this around to make Crowley look like a knuckle head. Don’t do it Crowley, don’t drink the Kool Aid….I mean, beer.

This is a deep dissappointment to me and had I known he was going to do this I would never have called in my support. Crowley is letting us all down. Let Obeyme and Skippy sit around and pat each other on the back about how bad the cops are. I beg you Crowley, don’t go.

PS you should dring Sam Adams not Blue Moon. Shame on you for not supporting MA brewers.

Proud American in MA who LOVES Sam Adams Ale

Reply 38—Posted by: PaGirl, 7/28/2009 8:52:29 AM (No. 5726548)

All this does is ‘smooth over’ Zero’s choice of words and racists attitude……………..it almost makes it seem like the police were at fault!!! If I were a policeman……………I would be highly insulted—he/Zero, just implied to the world that you all are a bunch of racists!!!!

Why isn’t Gates and Zero apologizing to the police?????? Listen to the taped conversation between the neighbor, policeman, and Gates in the background………….you’ll see who the racist is!!!!!

Reply 39—Posted by: Proud American, 7/28/2009 8:55:37 AM (No. 5726557)

Poster 14 we are grown up AMERICANS Who cares if liberals critisize us. Screw them. Bunch of babies. If he can’t take a little critisizm too bad.

Stand with the Americans Sgt. Crowley. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees. Don’t crawl to them, walk AWAY from them. They are unworthy of you.

Proud American in MA

Reply 40—Posted by: Shannon, 7/28/2009 8:56:33 AM (No. 5726560)

This whole farce is so ridiculous! Can you imagine any other leader of our great country doing what this most unpresidential zero wants to do? He should step back and realize that he is the president and we expect better from him. Keep your mouth shut on things you know nothing about; or did your little twerp of a friend call you and cry about the policeman that was racist! Grow up Obama!!

Reply 41—Posted by: Michaelus, 7/28/2009 9:08:47 AM (No. 5726599)

Why does everyone expect one guy—Sgt. Crowley—to stand up to this race shakedown crap when our entire country, every CEO, Senator, General, University President etc. has been afraid to speak out and in fact gone along whole heartedly?

Reply 42—Posted by: upchuck, 7/28/2009 9:15:14 AM (No. 5726617)

Crowley is walking into an ambush and Obama gets cleared with a photo-op. The two black racist go into a room after for some real drinks, like Brandy, and laugh at the dumb beer swilling, donut eating white cop.

Crowley has nothing to gain from this. This is not an issue it was a routine arrest. The tactic that Gate pulled was right out of the race riot play book. They had to arrest him to get him off the premises to quell any further escalation for violence.

Reply 71—Posted by: Robinsolana, 7/28/2009 12:08:50 PM (No. 5727139)

Again, Crowley is under investigation and may lose his job, this is always the threat. It is entirely inappropriate to be be anywhere near Gates, beer or no beer. Commenting on what happened is legally dangerous. I presume Crowley has hired a lawyer. Does he have a defense fund yet. Has he been financially ruined yet.

We live in an age of Chicago rules. Crowley is in danger like anyone else who is in the way.

Reply 72—Posted by: MDMD, 7/28/2009 12:15:10 PM (No. 5727150)

If Sgt. Crowley must attend, I suggest he take his mother along.

Reply 73—Posted by: scudderguy, 7/28/2009 12:18:51 PM (No. 5727159)

Officer Crowley please don’t go!

Show some class and decline the invitation. Just pass on your regrets with a note to Obama and Gates that they are to enjoy their beer, but unfortunately you have a city to protect. Like these two elitist actually drink beer, more like Chablis guys to me.

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