All hail our new country—the United Freaks of America

Until now, perhaps the freakiest photograph I have seen was the shot of San Francisco’s Chinese lesbian then-police chief Heather Fong along with two “transgender” individuals, Theresa Sparks, president of the San Francisco Police Commission, and police officer Stephan Thorne, at a 2009 celebration of the transgender movement:


I wrote at the time:

Not only are they freakish, and not only are their physical appearances and expressions freakish, but the atmosphere and lighting [especially the lighting on Theresa Sparks] and the people behind them are also freakish. It’s like something out of hell. Yet it’s a picture of public officials and police in an American city.

That photograph has now been surpassed by the shot of the first same-sex “wedding” at West Point:


Unlike the weirdly garish San Francisco photograph, the lighting and background in the photograph of the West Point chapel are normal. In fact it represents the height of respectable establishmentarianism. And that’s what makes it even more freakish. Our former country is now officially and at its highest level a country of freakdom.

The politically correct iconography is consummated by the fact that the two most prominent “cadets” or “soldiers” holding ceremonial swords are nonwhite females. The one male cadet in the tableau, with the pleased smile on his face, is a token, representing the accommodating surrender of the once-white male military to the female, nonwhite, homosexual military.

Here is what Laura Wood had to say about it:

This “wedding” between two elderly lesbians, whose enormous smiles belie an immense disdain for [our] heritage and for civilization itself, was news around the country but it is not news. It’s just another all-too-predictable ceremony of the liberal state. These two women, and homosexuality itself, are convenient characters in the drama. These uplifted swords, with their evocation of America’s martial past, and this Gothic chapel, with its reference to the fortress of Christianity, are magnificent props. They serve in the most theatrical way to affirm the power of the liberal state and to proclaim its victory. It has conquered our most treasured institutions. It has stolen right up to the foot of the altar. Liberalism has defeated the greatest competing authorities to itself: traditional morality, masculine initiative and the family. It has defeated God himself. This wedding is an assertion of power. There have been many like it for years and there must be more and more ceremonies of its kind. For the forces liberalism has conquered are the forces of life itself.

Laura eloquently conveys the replacement of what was once America by its leftist, homosexualist, perverted opposite. Can any honest conservative looking at this photograph say that America is his country and that he loves it? It’s their country now.

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Matthew H. writes:

More synchronicity. This morning, prior to opening VFR, I wrote this:

Our mis-government seems bent on purging the traditional core of our military: white, Christian men of lower-middle class and often southern origins and replacing them with “minorities,” women and sodomites. Thus they create an armed force which hates traditional America, i.e., white, Christian America, as much as they do themselves. Unlike the traditional military, this new corps can be depended on to follow their masters’ orders when the time comes to suppress all deviation from the new order.

I would add that you are correct that this is their America. Like something out of John Carpenter’s The Thing, it bears certain lifeless features of the old nation while skittering about on newly sprouted tentacles.

James P. writes:

Look on the bright side—those freaks are the ones who will be used as cannon fodder for the strategically misconceived and incompetently executed wars that liberalism conducts overseas. If it is their country now, it is only right that they fight their wars.

Paul K. writes:

You neglected to mention one of the striking elements of the wedding, the fact that the bride (in traditional white, of course) is in a motorized wheelchair. Not only is she a lesbian, she is handicapped as well, wearing two badges of honor in today’s America.

At the 1984 Republican convention, Jeanne Kirkpatrick stigmatized the Democrats as “San Francisco Democrats,” they having just held their convention at Sodom-on-the-Bay. In those days San Francisco represented a bizarre enclave of perversion and reflexive anti-Americanism. Who would have guessed that 28 years later it would define the norms of the nation?

LA replies:

But it’s been a saying for a long time: “As California goes, so goes the nation.”

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