Angela Corey

Angela Corey, in addition to being the special prosecutor in the Zimmerman case, is the State Attorney for Florida’s fourth judicial circuit. This is her official picture:


The woman looks like a flaming idiot. The decline of America and the West is as much a result of feminism as of any of the other causes which receive much more attention.

By the way, Florida has an unusual system, which of course the news media have not explained, as though we all knew what a state attorney was. Unlike other states, where each county has its own district attorney, in Florida there are twenty state attorneys each of whom is responsible for a judicial circuit, which covers several counties. But other than the fact that a state sttorney is the prosecutor for several counties rather than one, there appears to be no difference between the two offices. A state attorney, like a district attorney, is elected to the office, and has numerous assistant state attorneys, like assistant district attorneys, working under him.

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