Colorado race still very much alive

Yesterday I posted a poll from the Denver Post showing the Democrat John Hickenlooper ten points ahead of Tom Tancredo in the governor’s election, and I became discouraged. But Michelle Malkin says that recent polls show Tancredo between one and five points behind Hickenlooper; the latest, from the Democratic pollster PPP, puts Tancredo three behind, with the Republican, Dan Maes, at only five percent (!).

Morever, Hickenlooper, the mayor of Denver, is a Very Bad Guy. Malkin writes:

Hickenlooper, Colorado’s George Soros mini-me, established a far Left charity called the Chinook Fund that has provided funds to social justice groups ranging from ACORN to open-borders activism to Israel-bashing and the Recreate 68 anarchists whose threatened disruptions at the Democratic National Convention in Denver in 2008 cost the city and federal taxpayers tens of millions in added security measures. The Chinook Fund takes pride in supporting groups considered “too risky or too radical” by mainstream foundations, but founder Hickenlooper refused fully to disclose to voters or the press the extent of his donations to the fund while serving as Denver mayor. The Complete Colorado website investigated on its own and found that Hickenlooper’s fund gave to the radical “Transform Columbus Day Alliance,” which believes Columbus Day is “racist” and which rioted in 2007 in downtown Denver—leading to 83 arrests. [Video follows.]

Contributions to Tancredo’s campaign can be made here.

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