The national establishment of blackness jes’ keeps rollin’ along … and so does black mayhem

James N. writes (2:32 p.m.):

I’m at the National Zoo today with eight kids.

To my surprise, it’s Celebrate the African-American Family Day.

Too bad you couldn’t be here to soak up the atmosphere.

[UPDATE, 3:45 p.m.:

James N. writes:

Not ten minutes after you posted my e-mail, a small riot broke out—or maybe it was a flash mob.

Running, cursing, beating bystanders, then fighting among themselves. The families are streaming out of the zoo. Cops here, ambulance. News channel 7 remote is setting up.

News probably here for happy talk about all the AA families.]

- end of initial entry -

Greg W. writes:

The link James N. provided states at the top:

“Easter Monday has been a Washington-area multicultural tradition that spans more than 100 years.”

The “multicultural tradition” is named “African American Family Day.” How do you call something multicultural while using a racially exclusive title? White don’t count towards multiculturism, that’s why.

LA replies:

Also, it’s absurd. Maybe Easter Monday has been a Washington tradition for a hundred years. But it certainly hasn’t been a multicultural tradition for a hundred years. The word “multiculturalism” wasn’t even used in this country until the 1980s.

And it’s ridiculous to suggest that Easter Monday at the National Zoo in, say, the 1920s or 1950s was designated as a special day in honor of black families.

Greg W. replies:
On the multicultural take you spoke of: it’s the same as the multiculturalists who claim that America has ALWAYS been about diversity. They say this while simultaneously talking of how evil Europeans were in the past for their actions against Indians and blacks during slavery and up until the CRA (well, even still today right?).

How can one claim that America is evil for killing off Indians and enslaving a race of people AND we were ALWAYS about multiculturalism and diversity?

LA replies:

One can claim both, at different times, depending on which argument helps the multiculturalists silence any serious resistance to their ideology. And, consistently, Americans in general and conservatives in particular have been too intellectually weak and lazy to see through this.

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