The computer malfunction seems to have healed itself

My blogging editing window in Firefox, and Firefox itself, which had slowed 30 fold and was unusable, suddenly began working normally again this evening, or mostly normally, and in fact I just wrote, posted, and extensively revised a long comment. It’s so strange. The computer virtually stopped functioning all day for no apparent reason, and now for no apparent reason it is functioning again. Sorry for involving readers in this (I hope) transient problem.

The same kind of reversal happened with myself at the same time. Today I’ve been weaker than ever, I have had difficulty standing up from a sitting position, it was difficult to maintain a standing position, and walking was harder then ever. When they saw the way I was walking when I entered the treatment center this afternoon, they thought I might have had a stroke and they put me in a wheel chair and checked my vital signs. I was ok, but the weakness was bad. (Also, notwithstanding my feeble physical state, I felt good inside and close to Christ.) Earlier this evening I couldn’t sit up and wanted only to lie down. Then suddenly my energy picked up, I began working on a comment, and at the very same moment my computer began working normally—Synchronicity Man strikes again. Or perhaps it was when I realized that the blogging functionality had returned that my own energy rose. That’s the way my life is now—repeated dramatic reversals, sometimes several in a single day.

— end of initial entry —

March 6

LA writes:

As I said last night, Firefox was working well enough for me to use it for blogging, but there were still delays in its responsiveness. On the suggestion of a friend who helps me with computer problems, I cleared history in Firefox. But this time I did it all, including clearing all the versions of saved sessions, which I had never done before. And now it seems to be working completely normally. The saved sessions had just kept accumulating, I had never bothered deleting them, and they must have been a massive drag on Firefox.

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