Video of talks on Islam

Here is the video of the Act for America meeting in New York City on January 25 (discussed briefly here) where Andrew Bieszad and I spoke about the Islam problem and what to do about it.

In an e-mail sending the video link to Act members, Barbara Zimmerman, the head of the local Act chapter and organizer of the meeting, writes:

Our meeting was both spirited and informative. Here is a rather chilling video exposing myriad problems concerning Muslim immigration, some of which we touched upon.

The tide is indeed turning, and Americans are demanding a strong national security and counter-terrorism platform. We’re moving the KSM trial (hopefully to a military tribunal), and a new breed of leaders is emerging to fight this good fight. If you can, please contribute to Act’s myriad worthy project efforts (viewed at the national site). You may also be interested in following/supporting the trial of Geert Wilders, MP in the Netherlands, currently on trial for hate crimes against Islam and his film, Fitna. Although some would seek to end the trial, it places Islam on trial worldwide, as much as the brilliant and courageous MP Wilders. It may have tremendous value as an educational tool.

The trial against CAIR is another worthy cause towards preserving Western freedoms. Google or Bing to gain further information …

Best to all,

Barbara Zimmerman

Act! for America Chapter Leader, NY/Riverdale

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