U.S. government surrendering to Flying Imams

The Flying Imams deliberately behaved like terrorists, in order to get themselves thrown off a plane, in order to claim anti-Islamic bias, in order to get the government to make it harder for security personnel to stop future Flying Imams from acting out or worse. As Andrew McCarthy tells it at the Corner, the Flying Ones, far from being prosecuted for their outrageous conduct, seem to have won completely. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has just announced that it has provided special training about Islamic traditions to 45,000 airport security officers. The cultural sensitivity training includes details about the timing of Hajj travel, about items pilgrims may be carrying and about Islamic prayers that may be observed by security personnel.

What does this have to do with the Flying Imams? Well, according to the U.S. government’s own information agency which reported the training program,

The training comes just one month after Department of Homeland Security personnel came under criticism for removing six imams from a domestic flight for what one passenger considered suspicious behavior. (See related article.)

The U.S. government is pointedly letting us know that the training is in response to the imams incident. The message is clear. The government is folding in the face of outright intimidation by the jihadists whom it has allowed into this country. First we let them in, then their numbers and power grow, then we keep yielding to them step by step. We are moving in the direction of Britain.

And notice that reference to the suspicions of “one passenger,” when in reality many people were intensely and vocally alarmed by the imams’ conduct. The U.S. government has bought into the Islamic line on the incident, that nothing happened, that this was just a matter of prejudice against Muslims.

Modern Western governments are machines designed to subvert and ultimately destroy the societies they represent. Only a totally new Western consciousness, represented by new leadership, can turn this around.

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Ray G. writes:

Arguing about Muslims in the West is akin to bailing out a sinking ship with a spoon. It’s worthless unless you’re willing to discuss actually reducing Muslim immigration. I’ve seen it firsthand in my hometown of Dearborn, Michigan. True Muslims are reluctant and perhaps unable to assimilate into Western society—individual based liberty, civil constitutional law, etc.

Lately here in Dearborn, some Muslim kids have asked for instruction THROUGHOUT the day in Arabic—not just Arabic language class. It’s the numbers; the more they increase, the more Islam will have a beachfront in the US (and the West).

We can expect very little help from mainstream politicians, only a few speak out about it and they seem to be the ones with little real political power.

LA replies:

Agreed. This is why the establishment Islam critics such as Spencer, Phillips, Pipes, etc. who ignore immigration are such a problem. They have large audiences. They could make a real difference in turning around society on this issue. Instead, by constantly telling their conservative readers and listeners that Islamization is such a horrible thing, but providing no solution, they only end up demoralizing their audience, and, very likely, leading them to give up (as we see signs that Pipes himself is giving up). Endless kvetching without a solution is a path to endless surrender. But liberalism by its very nature is wholly unable to solve the Islam problem, because liberalism says that all humans (with the exception of a few unregenerate extremists who must be killed) are basically like us and must be treated the same.

This is why only those who have decisively broken with liberalism—meaning that the liberal belief in universal rights and equality and freedom is no longer their ruling political belief but is subordinated to the belief in our concrete nation and culture and civilization—have any chance of saving the West.

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