Miers: a “conservative” who gets along swimmingly with leftists

“The most telling thing about Miers,” writes Stanley Kurtz at The Corner,

is that she sees membership in the Federalist Society as excessively “political,” yet doesn’t think twice about associating herself with a lecture series that invites the likes of Gloria Steinem, Pat Schroeder, and Susan Faludi. That’s because Miers’ political career is based on being the one member of the conservative Texas establishment that liberal feminists can best work with. Miers has spent a lifetime being the sort of conservative who tries to swim within the “mainstream.” Miers would rather make a partnership with the far left, than risk being called an outsider on the right. Her almost obsessive silence about her political views probably derives in part from the fact that her own support base comprehends everyone from pro-life evangelical conservatives to Susan Faludi-like feminists.

A reader comments on the above:

Miers could be a disaster that makes super-legislator O’Connor look like a conservative tower of strength. Miers would seem to have more in common with Anthony Kennedy and the ghastly leftist Ginsburg than anyone else on the court!

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 10, 2005 01:57 PM | Send

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