Another black on white murder in London

In London, a 16 year old white boy, Ben Kinsella, brother of TV actress Brooke Kinsella, was chased up a street by a gang of black youths and stabbed to death.

The Daily Mail says, “Ben’s death brings to 17 the number of teenagers who have died violently in London this year.” The Mail doesn’t break down those 17 murders by race, but my impression is that the majority of them, perhaps nearly all of them, have involved black killers.

The trouble began when Ben was celebrating the end of some high school exams with friends in a pub at 2 a.m. That 16 year olds were in a pub at 2 a.m. is treated by the Mail as normal and unexceptionable, and I guess in today’s Britain it is. This reflects the underlying reality that along with the laxity toward blacks that has helped unleash black racial savagery in Britain, the British whites themselves (or, rather, simply the British) have a laxity, an Eloi-like unconsciousness and carelessness, that opens them to that savagery.

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Christopher Collins writes:

The key qualifier was the part about celebrating the end of exams. Basically, it’s prom night to the nth degree in England, and Ireland, France, Russia, etc. etc. I’m not sure what they call them in England, but in Ireland, they call the exams “leavings.” It’s a bigger deal in Europe than America, because their educational system is, depending on how you look at it, more regimented and unforgiving, or realistic. You go to basic school, either public or private, and take exams at the end, when you are 16 or so (rather than U.S. 17 or so). Then, a few weeks or months later, you find out if you made the grade. And when I say made the grade, I mean, made the grade. Most have an idea how things will go, and of course there’s some slippage in the system, but, in stark contrast to the U.S., these exams tell you whether you’ll go to college and become a gentleman or follow your dad into the trades. There’s no going to junior crap college, no night-school culture. You’ll either be studying in the fall with a group conscious of it’s elitism (and hopefully their responsibilities), at 16-17 years of age, or looking for a full-time job/trade to take you through life (and in the case of the Irish, that search often meant a trip to Amerikay).

So, basically, not to excuse possible drunkeness—more a mitigating factor, this was a big night.

Which also gets to the tragic newsworthy aspects. Killed on the night of such an important rite of passage: killed by whom?

Morgan writes from England:

Most of the 17 knife murders in London so far this year have been black on black; the remainder have been black on white—something in the order of half a dozen or so. What is noticable is that there has not been one case of white on black. In this respect, the picture somewhat reflects the situation in America.

Something else noticable is the media reporting: the BBC refers only to youths murdering another youth, as does the Guardian. I initially had to go to AoL News to find the whole story. This contrasts sharply with the time the venerable Saint Steven was murdered. Then it was made quite clear right from the start that it was a gang of white boys stabbing to death a black boy, and obviously racist. Indeed, 14 years later they are still regularly reminding us of that case in fine detail.

“The Dead Island”. “Eloi”. … yes sir, you have a point. All that remains is a few sparks of life in people like me. However, people like me are demonised by the media and the mainstream politicians. BNP, you see—or, as they would put it: Racists, Fascists, Nazis. Whenever I’m called these things to my face, I always ask them to define their terms. Silence. Always silence. To them they are just sounds devoid of meaning other than that they are bad things.

I have enormous advantages in these regular arguments I get involved in, in media comments, on the web, and out in the street: I am Welsh, and therefore part of a minority in my own right; I was married nearly a quarter-century to a South Asian woman; my only child in this world is herself mixed race. These things tend to throw the zealots off balance.

Anyhow, incomplete as that is, I have to stop now: I am currently conducting a local by-election as election agent for the BNP in this town, and I have to go and do my share of leafleting and canvassing. I go alone—I will not allow myself to be intimidated out of doing what I have to do.

Bert R. writes:

There are a great many such attacks across the UK. See this.

For a statistical analysis see the linked reports here.

LA writes to Morgan:

Are you “Sir Henry Morgan” from Wigan BNP? Glad to hear from you.

Mrogan replies:

Yes, that’s me.

And a slight addition to what I said before: in at least two of the London stabbings whites were killed by Muslims, not blacks.

There have also been several racial murders elsewhere across the country. They are more frequently attacks by Muslims, and they don’t seem to be too fussed about the age of their victims—we had one 73 year-old hospitalised last week up north.

Basically, our statistics for senseless violent crime reflect the patterns seen in America; the racial makeup varies, of course, because, for instance, you don’t find many Latins here—and you don’t find concentrations of tens of thousands of, say, Pakistanis in America.

We face serious problems in the Western world, and the people with decision-making power refuse to see it. Perhaps we need a series of incidents involving the children of the decision-making class?

I posted a link to Konstantin’s post on my Wigan BNP blog, with a few added comments. He is right.

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Jeff in England, in the e-mail in which he sent me this news story, wrote:

Again, no mention of the colour of the assailants though I’m betting they are black.

I replied:

Jeff, you’re so accustomed to seeing race not mentioned that you miss it when it is. It says:

As the 2am argument spilled outside into a brawl involving up to 50 teenagers, Ben fled up the road chased by a gang of black youths.

David Dugdale, the friend he called, said: “He was running and he rang me and just said, “Help me, help me,” then the phone went dead, and that was it.

“He sounded petrified. I wish I could have helped him.”

Jeff replied:

Yeah, it’s a new sort of psychological blindness. So many “placebos” that when the real deal is there and colour is mentioned I don’t see it.

I’m so sick of people IGNORING black crime, worrying about “youth” crime, not BLACK youth crime. Almost every single assailant these days is BLACK. Why can’t the government and the public acknowledge that.

Ironically blacks who become Muslims are not going to mug or attack people.I would be safe in a black Muslim area (as long as I didn’t reveal that I am Jewish).

* * *

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