Stephanie Cutter, the Democrats’ Big Liar du jour

Yet another instance of Matt Drudge’s wit which has earned him his success. From today’s Drudge Report, look at the photograph of Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter accompanying the story of her amazing Big Lie that it’s only Romney’s criticisms of the administration that have turned the Benghazi attack into a political issue. From a video, Drudge picked out a still in which Cutter looks as though she knows she’s telling a huge lie and is embarrassed over it. Look at the twist of her mouth.


And by the way, this is a further example of how liberalism perverts human nature. It makes women equal participants in the criminal enterprise that is the Democratic Party.

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October 13

Dave T. writes:

There’s a cautionary tale here. Consider how much effort the beautiful Stephanie Cutter has no doubt put into her “successful” career so that she can have the privilege to tell lies for the father of lies on national television (does the satanic twist in her mouth not say it all?). Now that’s what I call failing at life. I wonder if she has any idea what she’s really doing.

Paul Nachman writes:

I think you’ve used that characterization of the Democrats as a criminal enterprise before, and I have no argument with it.

But suppose I mention it to somebody else who mostly doesn’t pay attention, and he snorts “Oh, come on, what the hell are you talking about?”

So it would be interesting to have a list of what immediately comes to your mind if you were challenged on the point. Maybe you could rattle off such a list as a VFR entry.

I can think of plenty of outrageous things this administration has done myself, but people might well think I’d gone overboard if I lumped them under “criminal activities” and said all Democrats belonged in the category, so it would be interesting to see what’s on your list.

LA replies:

Yes, you’re right, I need to put the case together.

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