An intellectual liberal speaks—or attempts to speak—about flash mobs

John Hagan writes:

The discussion on black anger at VFR has been honest and penetrating. This essay I’m sending you by Walter Russell Mead on black flash mobs and the responses to his article are articulate, but empty. Americans really can’t face, or I suspect understand, the reality of low black IQ.

LA replies:

On Monday I tried reading it, then skimmed, then stopped. He’s a pompous, wordy liberal who probably doesn’t swat a fly without writing a lengthy essay about it.

- end of initial entry -

Thucydides writes:

I know what you mean about pomposity. Nevertheless, it is interesting in that Mead, somebody who is very careful about maintaining his viability in the bien pensant mainstream, is tackling the fact of media suppression, and speculating that this might have quite negative consequences. So it may be that your frank and honest address of the reality of a spread of black racist mob violence against whites is having an effect in the sense that people whose instinct is to suppress the facts are now starting to think they have to be openly addressed. Put another way, they are thinking that it may be worse to say nothing than to start being honest.

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