Another anti-Semite thinks he’s “got” me

Richard Hoste, a featured writer at Richard Spencer’s Alternative Right, has a post at his own blog, HBD Books, entitled, “Will Auster Call for Separation from Judaism?” Like various anti-Semites before him, Hoste thinks he’s caught me out in a pro-Jewish double standard that blows apart my whole position. He writes: “Remember when Lawrence Auster was going mad because Muslims were upset over a cartoon, and said that this proved that Muslims don’t belong in the West and we must separate from them?” But now, Hoste continues, look at what the Jews are doing, which is as bad as what the Muslims were doing in the cartoon jihad. And what are the Jews doing? Well, according to the Jerusalem Post,

The Israeli Embassy in Germany on Friday rebuked the public prosecutor’s office in Cologne for allowing a public exhibit named “Wailing Wall” that features a cartoon it says encourages “hatred and violence” against Jews and the State of Israel.

“If one shows a figure with an Israeli flag devouring a Palestinian child, this reminds us of the most scurrilous accusations of ritual murder in European anti-Semitism,” the embassy said in a statement. “Immediately after Israel’s national Holocaust Remembrance Day, a German prosecutor gave Israel-haters a shot in the arm.”

So Hoste equates Muslims rioting all over the world, threatening economic boycotts against Denmark, and threatening to murder and actively attempting to murder Danish cartoonists and newspaper editors over a group of silly cartoons of Muhammad, with the Israeli embassy complaining to a German prosecutor about a classically anti-Semitic cartoon. And Hoste thinks that I, in order not to be guilty of a pro-Jewish double standard, should now recognize, on the basis of the Israeli embassy’s complaint to the German prosecutor, that the Jews are as dangerous to the West as the Muslims are and demand that the Jews be removed from the West along with the Muslims.

Thankfully, I don’t have to spell out further what is moronic about Hoste’s argument. Several commenters at his blog do it very well.

There is a VFR reader who insists that Richard Hoste is really Richard Spencer. But I don’t think that’s true. To the contrary, Hoste is so stupid, and so discredits anti-Semitism, that I think it’s more likely he is a Jewish agent provocateur pretending to be an anti-Semite. But wait. Richard Spencer publishes the stupid, self-discrediting Richard Hoste, along with the vile Jew-hater Kevin MacDonald, and thus discredits himself. Is Spencer also a Jewish agent provocateur who has assumed the role of the founder of a bold, new, anti-Semitic right-wing website, in order to put the final nail in the coffin of the anti-Semitic right? I realize that sounds absurd. But is it any more absurd than that Spencer actually believes in the pathologically stupid and evil anti-Semitism he publishes, and believes that on its wings he can save the West?

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Timothy A. writes:

If Richard Hoste is not an agent provocateur, he gives a pretty good impression of one. In an article at The Occidental Quarterly, Hoste expresses admiration for Fred Phelps:

Although I lost my faith long ago, I found myself taking a liking to Pastor Phelps and his church. There is something incredibly inspiring and, well, manly about a God filled with such hatred and wrath. Phelps came across as a real man, especially when contrasted with advocates of the hippie Jesus who were interviewed in opposition to him.

Fred Phelps is the founder of Westboro Baptist Church whose members are primarily Phelps’ extended family.

Phelps and his church came to fame picketing the funerals of American soldiers killed in action carrying signs such as:

“Thank God for dead soldiers”


“Thank God for IEDs.”

Phelps, who sent a fan letter to Saddam Hussein just before his capture in 2003, has been accused by two of his sons of child abuse and of leading a cult.

Phelps runs a number of websites including:,, and

Judging by the picket schedule on the Phelps website, God is especially busy hating Catholics and Jews at present.

The final paragraph in the TOQ article by Hoste is another expression of admiration for Phelps.

I’m waiting for Hoste’s appreciation of George Lincoln Rockwell.

LA replies:

As little regard as I had for Richard Hoste, this information shocks me.

So now we know where Hoste was coming from when he said that terrorist attacks are no more damaging to America than traffic fatalities, and therefore we shouldn’t bother defending the country from them. He’s openly on the side of our enemies. He admires a preacher who thanks God when American soldiers are killed.

I repeat that Hoste is a main featured writer at Richard Spencer’s Alternative Right. When Alt-Right was launched in February, several of the inaugural articles were by Hoste, including the main article introducing the new website. So Spencer gave Hoste as much importance as he possibly could, making him the equal of himself as the site’s principal intellectual spokesman.

Given the utter strangeness of Spencer’s behavior as I have detailed, including his elevation of Hoste, would it be any stranger if Spencer really was Hoste, as a VFR reader is convinced is the case?

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