A country that is trying to banish sex distinctions

Mark Richardson writes at Oz Conservative:

I’m seeing more things I’ve written about at this site hit the mainstream media. For example, at the quite lefty American website Slate there is an article on Sweden’s efforts to make gender not matter (the subheading of the article is “A country tries to banish gender”).

The Swedish project is an earnest attempt to fulfil the logic of liberal politics. If you believe that autonomy is the highest good, then you will believe that individuals should be self-determining, which then leads to the belief that predetermined qualities should be made not to matter. And our sex is a predetermined quality….

What follows is a list of examples of the Swedes showing intolerance toward sex distinctions. I’ve catalogued many of them myself, but here are some of the ones I missed:

  • A Swedish children’s clothes company has removed the boys and girls sections in its stores
  • One Swedish preschool abolished free play because of concerns that when children play freely “stereotypical gender patterns are born and cemented.”
  • The Swedish Green Party wants to place “gender pedagogues” in every preschool to act as watchdogs on gender
  • In some Swedish preschools it is forbidden to use the terms boys and girls.
  • In one Swedish children’s book the words for mum and dad were replaced as being too gendered

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