A book on black-on-white violence and the media’s cover-up of it

UPDATE, 1:30 p.m.: Colin Flaherty is not, as one might assume from his description as a “Washington Post award-winning reporter,” a reporter with the Washington Post who has won awards for his reporting at the Washington Post. He is, as I learn at Wikipedia, a “writer, talk show host and the owner of an on-line ad agency and public relations company” who won a spy novel contest at the Washington Post. So not only is he not a Washington Post reporter; he is not a reporter at all. Given that Flaherty is not what he presents himself as, it is likely that his book on black crime is not what it is presented as. I would go further and say that anyone who would engage in such an egregious deception about himself probably has a very limited ability to write a truthful, well-argued account about anything. How could one cite facts from Flaherty’s book with any confidence that they are correct? The man has already discredited himself. In the original entry I wondered if this book ad was a hoax. We now know that, at least in part, it is.

I can’t believe it. A book has been published, authored by a Washington Post reporter no less, on the epidemic of black-on-white violence and black flash mobs over the last few years that has been ignored and concealed by the police and the major media, including of course the Washington Post. Here is an advertisement for the book which is posted at Lucianne.com. I’ve copied the main text of the ad below. It is very strongly worded. It is like something you might see at VFR. I’m reading it with disbelief. Could this be a hoax? If the book is anything like what it is being advertised as, it will be tremendous.

“White Girl Bleed a Lot”: The Return of Race Riots to America and How the Media Ignore It.
A New book from Washington Post-award winning reporter Colin Flaherty

Race riots are back.

Along with widespread racial crime and violence.

In hundreds of episodes in more than 50 cities since 2010, groups of black people are roaming the streets of America — assaulting, intimidating, stalking, threatening, vandalizing, stealing, shooting, stabbing, even raping and killing.

They go by different names: Flash mobs, flash robs, or as one social worker put it: Kids just “blowing off steam.”

But local media and public officials are silent. Crime is color blind, says a Milwaukee police chief. Race is not important, a Chicago newspaper editor says.

That denies the obvious: America is the most race conscious society in the world.

We learn that every day from black caucuses, black teachers, black unions, black ministers, black colleges, black high schools, black music, black moguls, black hair business owners, black public employees, black art, black names, black poets, black inventors, black soldiers.

Everything except black violent crime. That is Taboo.

Result: Few know about it. Fewer still are talking about it.

The list of cities under attack is long and getting longer — with some cities suffering dozens of attacks in the last year alone:

Almost as astonishing is the willingness of people in authority and in the media to deny it. Ignore it. Explain it away. Even condone and lie about it.

In Chicago, after weeks of racial violence where the newspapers refused to mention the crime was almost exclusively black gangs on individual whites, the Superintendent of the Police said he knew what was causing the violence: Sarah Palin.

A member of Congress from Chicago, Bobby Rush, said black violence in Chicago was routine and the only reason anyone was paying attention to the race riots in downtown Chicago was because it was it was black on white violence. This is a theme heard in Rochester, Washington, D.C., and dozens of other places: ‘What’s the big deal? This has been happening a long time in black neighborhoods.’

Congressman Rush is probably right. Which means this problem is hundreds of times worse than we think.

Check out the reaction from the press.

- end of initial entry -

Timothy A. writes:

Seems to be less than meets the eye. The book is published by a vanity press (BookBaby—see the Amazon page for the Kindle edition.)

The author is a PR guy, which would explain why his writing has appeared in multiple venues. His ties to the Washington Post appear to be that he won a spy novel writer’s contest that the Post sponsored. Here is Flaherty’s website.

Gintas writes:

It’s no joke.

But it’s only available in eBook format.

Correction: the hard copy is available at Amazon, it didn’t come up in my search at Amazon, but it’s there in the advertisement.

Anyway, I’ve ordered it, if for no other reason but to reward Colin Flaherty and the publisher for generating it.

But it was published in 2011, it’s not new.

Gintas (after seeing the Update at the top of the entry) writes:

Sheesh, what a sap I can be. I’m glad you’re on the case—the Amazon description looked legit. Order cancelled.

A.S. from Canada writes:

The book is real, it is available on Amazon, and it is on the author’s web site as well. The book however is self published (obviously no publishing company will ever publish much less advertise a book like this) and one must wonder how long it will take before it disappears from Amazon.

Robert B. writes:

I really saw nothing wrong with Flaherty’s Wiki page. Am I missing something here? The man has some wonderful credits to his name.

Chuck Rudd of Gucchi Little Piggy writes:

I purchased that book at some point last year because I was receiving traffic in conjunction with a mention. I too read the apparent Washington Post byline and thought that maybe someone “important” had come across my blog. So I shelled out the $5 or so to purchase it for my Kindle. Waste of money that I was luckily able to recoup. (Amazon does allow for returns of e-books within a certain time frame. A nice little feature.)

But I clicked through the book and saw that it was disjointed and poorly written. I can’t recall it containing any information that hadn’t already come out in the very many blog posts on various sites in the alternative right arena.

I don’t know who Flaherty is, but rest assured that his book is not worth a passing glance. Parse together all of your posts about black-on-white crime, Larry, and you have something that is more valuable in terms of a fuller coverage of the crimes and with a deeper insight into the political environment in which they’ve occurred.

Joseph S. writes:

I have read this. The book is somewhat disorganized, but it is valuable as a compendium of black-on-white crime stories the MSM has covered up. Despite the hype about the author, it is not at all fraudulent in content, and is a good reference work because it documents its stories adequately.

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