An Englishman is beheaded in his front yard. The world is silent.

Patrick McGee, a 63 year old unmarried pensioner living in the diverse Crumpsall District of Manchester, England, was murdered and beheaded in his front garden at about 9 p.m. on December 15. The murder was reported in the Mail on the 17th, and, thanks to a reader who quickly sent me the item, I immediately posted something on it, at 12:43 a.m., December 17. It is now noon, December 18. I just googled “”patrick mcgee beheaded”“, and the most-read page at the Google results page is my VFR entry. So it’s a repetition of the coverage of the Canadian beheading last summer, when VFR was the most visited site that used the word “Muslim” in connection with the likelihood that the beheader was a Muslim. But here the lack of mainstream coverage is worse: VFR is the most visited site that simply states that Patrick McGee was beheaded. Second on the results page is the Mail story that I originally linked. There’s also a BNP item, “Pensioner’s Beheading Passes Unremarked.” There’s a blog at the Telegraph, quoting (without attribution) the BNP item. There’s a Stormfront item, which copies the Mail article, followed by one anodyne comment. (I was surprised to see anything at StormFront at all, given the fact that as Jew-haters they downplay the Islamic threat.). The rest of the links are to obscure blogs.

So that’s it. Two and a half days after the murder and beheading of a retired Englishman in front of his house, there has been only one mainstream news article about it, the original Mail story. None of the English columnists who make a specialty of warning about Islamic extremism and the rampant violence in today’s Britain have mentioned it. Melanie Phillips has had nothing on it.

Furthermore, the Mail, the only paper that did cover the murder, did not exactly cover itself with glory. Here’s the headline and lead sentence:

Neighbour held after pensioner decapitated and head dumped in wheelie bin ‘after row over noise’

A pensioner was decapitated and his head dumped in a wheelie bin apparently after a disagreement over noise.

A man is beheaded, and it’s attributed to “a disagreement over noise”? What does that remind you of? Remember Ann Pressly who was raped and murdered in her home in Little Rock last month, her entire head bashed in, every bone in her face broken, her jawbone showing through her shattered face, which was the way her mother found her, and the authorities and papers for weeks reported it as “a random burglary”?

This is the evil system under which we in the West are now living, a system in which monstrous crimes are committed, and—especially when they are done by minorities against whites—they are “routinized,” their real nature concealed or thinned out, so that there is no reaction to them, the danger is not noticed. We are living under a belief system and a government-media complex that passively or actively intend our destruction.

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Hannon writes:

Also see that’s linked on the first page of Google results for the Manchester beheading

It mentions the Mail’s editing of their initial online story to remove the national origin of the suspect: Filipino. Something tells me the guy isn’t Catholic.

Bill Carpenter writes:

The English used to flay the Vikings they caught and nail their hides to the doors of churches. Though the authenticity of this practice is now disputed, the spirit of retribution formerly manifested towards foreign malefactors is not. When 800 Danes landed in Devon in 878, most were killed in battle, and the rest were hanged. In 1002, King Aethelred ordered all the Danes in England killed in what is now known as the St. Brice’s Day massacre.

In normal circumstances, common sense dictates a healthy, open, and flexible ethnocentrism. Communities want both to preserve themselves and to enrich themselves from contact with outsiders. However, in the face of threats from outsiders, such openness must give way to ferocity. Survival is infinitely more valuable than enrichment. That is just a feature of reality, the exigencies of which are codified in natural law.

Since we think of the coming of Christ at this season, we might reflect that his coming did not abrogate natural law. It deepened our relation to it, by inviting us to identify with the divine perspective even as we live in the Creation. That gives us a complex perspective: even as we fight our enemies, pursuant to our divinely mandated duty to preserve our own nation, which is a creation of God’s providence, we recognize them as creatures of the Lord.

Laura G. writes:

What a scene! As usual, you seem to be covering an issue that is just too horrific for the tender sensibilities of our delicate citizens to know about, to speak of, or to think about. And it is certainly too dreadfully un-p.c. to propose any action which might hinder the future beheadings of our citizens.

Mark Jaws writes:

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but at this point we simply don’t know if this murderer was Muslim or not. So until we know for certain, I guess it is best not to speculate. I have found that we racialist right wingers have to be right ALL THE TIME if we are to have any chance of making inroads with our friends and neighbors. The minute we overreach and are proven wrong, our cause is set back—sometimes irrevocably. I prefer to make my racialist case using officially sanctioned government statistics on blacks and Hispanics. I will not venture into this jihadi beheading business unless definite trends emerge. Sorry, Mr. A. In this case it is best to look before leaping. This may have been a loonie having gone ballistic—and Lord knows, they come in all nationalities and creeds.

LA replies:

You’re making a valid point—up to a point. You’re right that we don’t know that the killer is a Muslim. What we do know is that this extraordinary murder took place, and that except for one British newspaper no mainstream media outlet has reported it. Why? Why? For the same reason that the media conceal or down play every negative truth about Islam and what Muslim are doing. If they thought that the murder was just an unusually spectacular murder, wouldn’t they have covered it? But they didn’t, because they assumed that it probably is a Muslim murder. And even if it’s not, they don’t want to draw attention to the fact that a beheading took place in England because that reminds people of the fact that beheadings are associated with Islam, that Islam is now in Britain, and that Muslims are commanded by their god to behead non-Muslims. It’s still the protection of Islam from critical thought that is motivating the silence.

So, whether this particular murder is by a Muslim or not, the silence about this murder is a response to the presence of Muslims among us, to the fear of Islam, and to the fear of violating the tenets of liberalism by saying anything that may be seen as critical of Islam.

Finally, even if it turns out that this murder was not done by a Muslim, it is Islam that has brought beheadings into the world, into the consciousness of the West, and there is such a thing as copy cat crimes. All cultural developments spread through imitation. If the killer was not a Muslim, it was someone imitating Muslims and being influenced by Islam.

Mark Jaws replies:

I find myself in the very unusual and awkward position of attempting to correct what I am perceiving as Austerian Overreach. Normally it is you curbing my excesses.

First, I don’t agree that someone who beheads a victim is doing so in emulation of jihadi murderers. White murderers sometimes behead and dismember their victims too. For example, that creepy killer of young Adam Walsh comes to mind.

Second, I don’t buy your connecting Islam with beheadings, as if the world knew nothing of beheadings prior to Mohammed. Here again, everyone did it. The Mongols, the American Indians, the Japanese in China, and the French revolutionaries. You are losing me on this one, Larry.

LA replies:

Don’t worry about disagreeing with me. You may be right.

Of course there are many cases in which a person committed murder and then dismembered the body, but that was usually as part of the effort to hide the body. In this instance, the beheading took place at the time of the murder, and, for all we know, was the way the murder was done.

Of course Muslims aren’t the only group that has used beheadings. But let’s look at your list. Mongols—there haven’t been any Mongols in the sense of the Mongol empire for about 500 years. American Indians—they haven’t beheaded anyone in historical memory; and I thought they scalped their victims, not beheaded them, though I may be wrong. Japanese in China—a barbaric invasion of China by Japan, having no direct connection to OUR world. The guillotine—invented as a “clean,” painless manner of lawful execution done by the state, having no connection with individual murders. And of course in England itself: hanging, drawing, quartering, that was still used occasionally up to the 17th century, usually against “political” criminals, I believe, not ordinary criminals. This was a form of legal execution, though of a barbarity and cruelty that we have happily left far behind.

None of these forms of beheadings have any connection with modern Western society. So this beheading on a residential Manchester street leaps out of nowhere. In all the history of England, was a man ever murdered like this, beheaded in his front garden? Is it just a coincidence that it happened in a district with many Muslims, in a country that never had a Muslim population to speak of until the last few decades, and now has a Muslim population of almost two million, between a third and a half of whom are supporters of terror and jihad? And what is the one group—a fifth of humanity—that does make the beheadings of enemies central to its religion? What is the group that, as at the time of the cartoon jihad, openly threatened to behead the enemies of Islam. In the modern world, beheadings of enemies are virtually solely a Muslim phenomenon. And now a British man living in a city with many Muslims has been beheaded. Doesn’t that call forth more of a response—at least discussion, at least interest, at least questioning, at least speculation—than we’ve seen?

It’s true that it would be risky to speak as though it’s a virtual certainty that a Muslim did it. However, in this entry, I did not do that. My focus was on the lack of coverage of this crime. In the subsequent entry, I came closer to saying it is a Muslim crime:

But in our post-Christian, liberal world, we need to be silent and asleep in order not to react to the merciless Muslim fanatics we have permitted through our gates, because, if we’re not unconscious and silent, if we notice what has happened and talk about it, we will have to react to it, we will have to do something about it.

While I’m not stating that the killer was a Muslim, I am associating the silence about this murder with the “sleep” that affects us on the Muslim issue in general. And I think that that view is defensible, for the reason I gave above: even if this is not a Muslim murder, the silence about it is a symptom of the West’s surrender to Islam. At the same time, even though I am not saying that a Muslim did it, my language could reasonably be read as saying that this murder was the act of a “merciless Muslim fanatic.” From the point of view of the objections you have raised, such language is problematic. So I’ve added some qualifying language to the first paragraph of that entry.

Mark Jaws replies:

Since we don’t own the ideological terrain in which the media operates, we on the Right must always be right. We cannot afford to expose ourselves to charges of fear mongering and fanning the flames of fanaticism. I’ll stick with black and Mestizo dysfunctionally, high rates of illegitimacy, welfare usage, high school drop outs, and crime. Their impact on the average white is far greater—for the time being.

December 19, 12:55 p.m.Eastern Standard Time

LA writes:

As indicated in Karen’s exchange with me today, the fact that after almost four days there is a total media blackout on a sensational crime that normally would have received intense coverage strongly suggests that the suspect is a Muslim. Why else would there be such silence? What are the authorities concealing? In the Greyhound beheading last summer, it took 37 hours before the cautious and ultra PC Canadian authorities provided the name of the suspect. It is now 93 hours since police, according to the one and only news story that’s been published on the murder, arrested a man at the scene after discovering Mr. McGee’s severed head at 9:20 p.m. December 15, and there have been zero further facts on the case.

To repeat, The Mail has had one article. There’s been nothing from The Times, nothing from The Telegraph, nothing from The Express, nothing from The Mirror, nothing from the BBC, nothing from The Scotsman

Mark Jaws replies:

This should be the job of the BNP - to stoke the flames of outrage and to raise the very questions that VFR is.

Josefina writes from Argentina:

This beheading is indeed terrible. But I find it difficult to pity the British society as a whole.

They know what kind of enemy they are facing, and they are inviting him to their home.

If Europe dies Europeans will be the only ones to blame.

I do not pity the stupid.

LA replies:

That would be all well and good, if we were discussing some phenomenon taking place In the distant past or on another planet. But we’re talking about the prospective Islamic takeover of modern Europe. Do you think that that won’t have horrible effects on the whole world, including your country?

Josefina replies:

If Europe turns into Eurabia, the effects will be terrible for the whole Christian civilization: this includes not just Europe but the Americas also.

The fact that I do not sense any real resistance against that in the old continent is what disturbs me. I think we can blame that on the will of European people to abandon their inherent Christian identity. But the American continent has not forgotten Christianity, that’s why the U.S. and Latin America can still have hope against Islam.

I believe they’ll react, late, but they will. And like in distant past they’ll finally expel them from Europe.

I do not wish to see a third part of Europe taken by Muslims.

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