Donald Trump says he’s interested in the presidency

Buck O. writes:

Donald Trump was just on Hannity’s radio show. It was a hoot, and it was interesting. Trump sounds genuinely fired-up and sincere. He insists that he is serious in his thinking and that he’s close to announcing whether he’ll run for POTUS. Wouldn’t that be great fun. He claims to be a “very conservative” Republican. He also claims that he will essentially manhandle (my term) China and OPEC. He said, among other things, that he will make OPEC reduce the price of oil to $40 a barrel and keep it there.

It prompted me to search VFR for entries involving Trump. This (“Trump’s mysterious hair”) may be the funniest VFR entry that I’ve seen.

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Jim C. writes:

I hope he runs—he’s smart, talented, and savvy: three traits the current POTUS lacks. He can win.

LA replies:

You’re such a funny guy. Thanks for the laugh, it’s therapeutic.

Gintas writes:

“He claims to be a ‘very conservative’ Republican.”

That was where I laughed out loud. I’d like to know about what he is so very conservative. He probably just thinks, “I’m not quite as right-wing as Sarah Palin.”

January 14

Jim C. writes:

Here’s why you’re wrong (assuming that’s your position):

1. he’s conservative: the tea party would love him

2. brilliant track record of achievement

3. magnetic, commanding presence

4. a great debater

5. could raise a lot of money

6. knows how to use the media

7. most importantly, Obama would look like a twerp in his presence

LA replies:

This is amazingly silly, a sort of repeat of the neocons’ years-long dalliance with the fantasy of Giuliani as GOP nominee, which I said from the beginning was a ridiculous fantasy, and then he won one delegate in 2008, and yet the fantasy is still going on. The GOP is not about to pick a thrice married social liberal as their presidential nominee.

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