Rasmussen: Romney leads in Ohio by two

The previous Rasmussen poll in Ohio had them tied. The RCP average for Ohio is a 1.9 Obama advantage.

Reader Andrew B. tells me that Rasmussen is one of the least reliable polls, in that it’s skewed toward Republicans, consistently giving them two or three points more than they get in the election. That shocked me, as my previous information was that Rasmussen was more reliable than other polls, which are skewed to Dems. I’d have to undertake a whole study of polling to determine which view is correct.

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Anonymous pollster writes:

Rasmussen has Obama ahead 237-206 with 95 electoral votes in Tossup states, but of the eight Tossup states, he has Romney ahead in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, and New Hampshire to reach 279 while Obama is ahead only in Nevada to reach 243: Wisconsin and Iowa, with 16 votes among them, are tied.

Andrew B. is wrong: Rasmussen is more Republican than most OTHER POLLSTERS during most of the campaign, because his model of likely voters is different. As the election approaches, other pollsters tend to move their estimates to the right while Rasmussen stays where he is, so his final predictions are not more Republican than the ACTUAL RESULTS.

Vinteuil writes:

Your commenter Andrew B. is, quite obviously, a “concern troll”—a leftist masquerading as a Republican.

It’s always the same schtick:

1) “I’m a lifelong Republican,” or words to that effect, like his “I’ve been a Republican activist for 20 years”—but -

2) “Mitt Romney [or whoever the current Republican candidate might be] is so awful (in one way or another) that I must at last speak out against him!”

I mean, c’mon. Is it even remotely plausible that a “Republican activist” of “20 years” standing—i.e., a reliable shill for Bush the elder and Bob Dole & Bush the younger and John McCain—would suddenly balk at Mitt Romney?

Guys like this have been spamming iSteve and every other alt right site for a couple of weeks now. Don’t be fooled.

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