Coulter on the Arizona law

A worthwhile exchange between Megan Kelly of Fox News and Ann Coulter about the Arizona anti-illegal alien law, Mexican president Calderon’s attack on it before the Congress, and the Democrats’ standing applause for Calderon’s attack. Many interesting points are made, such as that the Arizona law is in fact more “anti-discrimination” than federal law, since the former prohibits the use of people’s Mexican appearance in the apprehension of suspected illegal aliens, while federal law allows it. Unfortunately, the appearance of these two women, with their flowing blond locks and skimpy dresses, undercuts both their formidable intelligence and the seriousness of the topic being discussed. It gives the segment the ludicrous air of some Playboy program where half naked babes in a hot tub are asked for their positions on the weighty issues of the day. If perversion means joining things together that by nature should not be joined, there is something mildly perverted about mixing a discussion of serious national issues with lots of exposed female skin.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 22, 2010 09:24 AM | Send

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