Coulter on immigration

Over the last couple of days, many readers have sent me Ann Coulter’s column in which, for the first time in her 17 or so years as a nationally known conservative columnist and provocateur, she addresses our national-suicidal non-discriminatory mass immigration policy. I have much to say about it, but, because I have much to say about it, I may not be able to get to it right away.

In the meantime, here is a brief exchange I had about the column yesterday with Dean Ericson.

I wrote:

Subject: Coulter column attacking immigration—something she’s never really done before

Unfortunately, she makes it a matter of the evil Democrats/liberals doing it to us, ignoring the fact that the Republicans/conservatives have supported exactly the same policy for all these years. She still hasn’t gone beyond her unthinking trope that the Democrats are the source of all evil, the Republicans the source of all good.

Mr. Ericson replied:

A strong column undermined by the weakness you point out, and also by her failure to follow through, explicitly, on her own logic. If the 1965 Immigration Act is turning us into a Third-World, one-party state, then that Act must be overturned if traditional America is to save itself. Therefore, any serious conservative party must call for overturning it, and if it doesn’t it’s not serious. She doesn’t make the leap from, “Such-and-such is true,” to “Therefore, this.” Without the “Therefore, this,” it’s just more bitching. So she’s not serious.

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