Why a “black” man is electable

It is widely said that Barack Obama’s rise to national prominence and possible election as president demonstrate that in America race doesn’t matter any more, meaning that white resistance to blacks no longer exists.

This is the usual liberal (and virtually all modern Western people are liberals) nonsense, born of looking at the world through abstract phrases. Obama is “black,” America is evidently ready to elect a “black” as president, therefore America has become race blind.

The falseness of the notion is quickly revealed if we imagine that the candidate, instead of being Barack Hussein Obama Jr., were his once-promising, prolific, and tragic father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr.:


The reason Obama Jr. can, despite his “blackness,” be seen as a possible president of the United States is that he is not very black looking, and his personality is not “black” at all. Thus, far from proving that blackness is no obstacle to the presidency, Obama’s nomination suggests just the opposite.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 09, 2008 01:14 PM | Send

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