True blue anti-Semite reveals that David Duke is a Jewish agent

(See follow-up to this entry, “Explaining the anti-Semites’ psychology.”)

Yesterday I posted this comment at a thread at Dennis Mangan’s blog where Mangan was talking about Kevin MacDonald’s hostility to Israel:

At 4/01/2009 06:02:00 PM, Lawrence Auster said…

MacDonald is the leading theorist, perhaps the founder, of Darwinian anti-Semitism; his work has given anti-Semitism a “scientific” patina that has made him the favorite intellectual authority of anti-Semites. The website that most fully embodies Darwinian anti-Semitism is Majority Rights. And the purest exponent of the Majority Rights philosophy is J. Richards, here announcing his new website Judenfrei.

I hadn’t actually looked at the Judenfrei Jew Review site, until Gintas pointed out that it considers David Duke, along with many other stalwarts of the anti-Semitic white nationalist movement, to be an agent of the Jews.

That’s right. Specifically, J. Richards says that Duke is

Kosher Nazi; Working for the Jewish Crime Network!

What Richards means is that Duke points out lesser crimes of the Jews, which gives him credibility among the anti-Semites, which he then uses to cover up the major crimes of the Jews.

As a result of such statements, J. Richards is too extreme even for the extreme anti-Semites at Majority Rights. In fact, some of them are suggesting that J. Richards is himself a Jewish plant, sent to discredit anti-Semitism. Got that? J. Richards says that Duke is a Jewish plant who pretends to be an anti-Semite in order to cover up the real crimes of the Jews; whilc the posters at Majority Rights say that J. Richards is a Jewish plant whose purpose is to make the anti-Semites look bad. Wow, have the Chosenites got their bases covered. What can be done with such clever fiends but to kill them all?

Here are some of the commenters at Majority Rights expressing their consternation about J. Richards:

Posted by Svigor on April 02, 2009, 02:29 PM | #

And WTF is up with the swastika favicon? I find your judgment lacking JR.

Like the swastika? Fine! It IS aesthetically appealing, after all. Wallpaper your house with it for all I care. But it doesn’t belong in our Euro-American ethnic nationalist symbology.

[LA notes: I don’t know what WTF means, but the swastica icon is seen in the address bar for Judenfrei Jew Review.]

Posted by Is J. Richards a Jewish psyops agent? on April 02, 2009, 05:37 PM | #

This is so obvious that one has to question the real motives of those who do not adhere to this advice. It is difficult enough getting whites to focus on the JQ without this stuff. No wonder Lawrence Auster was quick to link to it. Another ‘own goal’ for whites.

Agreed—this J Richards guy seems like a (Jewish? U.S. or Israeli government?) psyops agent, someone planted amongst the WN movement to discredit it by making it seem Nazi-esque and fanatical, violent, and genocidal…and thus marginal. In the very least this person is rather deluded and too emotional regarding the Jewish Question, which of course requires strict rationality and very clear thinking to grasp instead of ridiculously emotional rhetoric and the outdated, childish appeals to Nazism as Richards displays.

Posted by Not a philosemite. on April 02, 2009, 07:04 PM | #

For the love of God, Guessedworker, put an end to this. [LA notes: Guessedworker is the host of Majority Rights.]: I know he means well, but a site like this, in a time like this, shouldn’t actually be working against White interests, and that is exactly what is happening every time Mr. Richards posts an entry. I want MR to be a site that I can link people to. At the moment I might link to an article and hope to God that the person I am trying to influence via the site doesn’t stray outside of what I want him to read.

I feel bad saying this, but not half as bad as I feel about the state of the West, and screeds like this constitute some of the best weapons in our enemies’ arsenal.

Here is another feature on Judenfrei’s main page:

Jewish Intelligence and Achievement

Submitted by Administrator on Fri, 03/20/2009—23:31

Jews are strongly overrepresented among the rich, the powerful and the accomplished if we go with mainstream data/acknowledgement. As we shall see, Jewish wealth and power are far greater than what is officially acknowledged. The mainstream explanation of Jewish socioeconomic success is superior intelligence of the Jews and a stronger focus by Jews on learning and scholarship. This is rubbish. The prime explanation of Jewish success is a very high prevalence of parasitic and criminal behaviors among the Jews, and this is easy to document.

- end of initial entry -

Cindi S. writes:

WTF means

What the f%^k.

Just so ya know.


LA replies:

Naturally, you, my own expert on acronyms, would know that.


M. Jose writes:

I believe that a number of years ago on FrontPageMag someone was referring to FDR as “Rosenfeld,” and I made some facetious comment about “Da-VEED Dukenstein” actually being a Jewish agent.

Didn’t realize anyone actually seriously thought that.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 02, 2009 06:39 PM | Send

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