Court: Chicago must hire 111 black firefighters

Larry T. writes:

It is almost beyond tedious to note these kinds of court decisions. How can it be that a prominent liberal Democrat, Richard M. Daley was mayor when this injustice occurred? Chicago has since moved to a “pass/fail” test, although I don’t know why that would necessarily be any fairer. But it’s a good day for the plaintiffs and lawyers who will split a big settlement from the bankrupt city of Chicago.


“Karsh said the test was discriminatory because there was no evidence that the applicant who scored 89 or better would be any better firefighter than another who scored a 64 … ”

We can only hope that medical schools will adopt this testing standard soon, if they haven’t already.

LA replies:

These court decisions go on and on, and they are not opposed, except by each individual city or fire department which finds itself under the gun. The Republican Party is silent. The conservative movment, which used to say that individual rights as distinct from group privileges were the essence of America, gave up the issue after the Grutter v. Bollinger decision in 2003 and is virtually silent. The tea parties are interested only in spending and tax issues. There is no public, organized opposition to this constant push for the inclusion of unqualified blacks, nor to the false beliefs that underlie it, namely that the lack of proportional representation of blacks in any field is proof of racial discrimination. Not a single Republic politician ever addresses the issue. I guess this is what Gov. Mitchell Daniels would describe as a “truce” on black racial privileges.

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