By the way, Ohio seems awfully close to have been called

The NYT map for Ohio is now working. With 78 percent reporting, Obama has 17,000 more votes than Romney, a 0.4 percent lead. And the NYT has not called Ohio for Obama, it’s still “leaning.” In Florida, Obama is ahead by 45,000 votes with 96 percent reporting, but the NYT also hasn’t called it for Obama.

UPDATE 11:59 p.m .: Are my eyes deceiving me? The NYT map of Ohio now shows that with 82 percent reporting, Romney is leading by 20,000 votes, a 0.4 percent advantage! but the picture hasn’t changed essentially in Florida from what I said in the previous paragraph. Even if Romney holds Ohio, for him to catch up by 45,000 votes in Florida with only four percent of the votes still uncounted is unlikely.

Also, I’ve heard that Karl Rove protested Fox’s calling the election for Obama. But the people who were in charge of that call said that there were still a lot of uncounted votes in black districts that would assure the state for Obama.

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Dave T. writes:

I’m looking at the same map and it says that Cuyahoga County is less than 50 percent in and Lucas County is less than 12 percent in, which should be rich in Democratic votes. Whatever lead Romney enjoys in Ohio at the moment isn’t big enough to hold back the last-minute influx of Democratic votes.

LA replies:

Apparently you are right. Obama is in the lead again in Ohio.

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