Against Romney

Here’s a powerful (and very long) anti-Romney piece, by John Hawkins at TownHall. Two excerpts:

Mitt Romney is a repeat of the same show conservatives have seen over and over again and we all know the ending if the candidate gets elected. These plastic men, these political Stretch Armstrongs get inside the Beltway Bubble, the media starts working on them, the establishment starts whispering in their ear and next thing you know, they’re explaining how important comprehensive immigration reform is to the conservative cause or why we need another Bridge to Nowhere.

When you’re a grassroots conservative who has been mocked, ridiculed and attacked for believing in conservatism, capitalism, and the Constitution, sold out again and again by people in your own party, and told your nation is on the verge of a debt-driven crisis that could bankrupt us, the last thing you want is to be treated like you’re stupid by a phony Massachusetts moderate who tells you he believes the same things you do when you damn well know he doesn’t mean a word of it.

* * *

Never have so many self-interested, politically-gutless establishment space fillers gathered in one place as on the endorsement list for Mitt Romney. If Bob Dole, John McCain, Susan Molinari, Lisa Murkowski, Jim Talent, Joe Scarborough, Mel Martinez, Jim Gerlach, Judd Gregg, Jon Huntsman, John Sununu and Norm Coleman are all lining up behind a candidate in a contested GOP primary, it’s an almost ironclad guarantee that candidate is not going to be worth a bucket of warm spit once he gets into office. If you want to know why you’re seeing so many Tea Partiers lining up behind Newt Gingrich, who despite his flaws has done more for the conservative cause than any other living politician, it’s because they see the politicians backing Mitt Romney and they’re well aware that they’re not friends of grassroots conservatives.

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