Writing at FrontPage Magazine, John Perazzo sums up the career and positions of the highest ranking (aside from Obama) black politician in America, House Democratic Whip James Clyburn, focusing specially on his constant charges of white racism. I recommend reading at least that part of the article to see how readily and automatically Clyburn calls America a racist country.

Perazzo concludes the long article thus:

James Clyburn—like Pelosi, Reid, and Obama—represents precisely what is wrong with the Democratic Party today. He considers massive government spending—funded by a crushing tax burden—to be the cure for virtually every social and economic ill that plagues America. Moreover, he views the United States as a fundamentally unjust nation where white racism continues to run rampant. This essentially negative vision of the country leads Clyburn, as it by-and-large leads all leftists, to reject the notion that Americans have a right to defend their borders, or to cherish their culture, or to keep most of the money they earn, or to educate their children as they see fit, or to make use of the vast natural resources that exist within the nation’s borders, or to mete out harsh and swift punishment against bloodthirsty terrorists, or to win wars decisively rather than abiding by politically correct rules-of-engagement and issuing constantly updated forecasts of projected troop-withdrawal dates. As such, Clyburn is a perfect fit to serve as a high-ranking leader of a political party that has become thoroughly degraded.

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