Powerline on the Minnesota race riot

In the previous entry, I predicted that if the Minneapolis-based Powerline did say anything about the black riot in the Mall of America, located in a suburb of the Twin Cities, it would not mention the race of the rioters. I was correct. John Hinderacker writes:

One of my daughters works at a department store at the Mall of America. After the riot was over, she texted one of her sisters:

[My department store] closed its doors. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen. Hundreds of gang members running through the Mall knocking things over. And there were fights all over! A good half of them were wearing red.

Quoting his daughter calling them “gang members” is the closest that Hinderacker comes to saying that they were black. He then proceeds to quote the (of course race-blind) Star-Tribune article which I have posted in the previous entry.

Then he writes:

I recently read Stephen Hunter’s Soft Target, about a terrorist attack on the Mall of America. While the outcome yesterday was entirely different–no one was seriously hurt, and reportedly no shots were fired–the beginning of the riot, with screaming shoppers fleeing from gangs of “youths” amid the sound of broken glass, and people being herded into the back rooms of stores for safety, was eerily reminiscent of Hunter’s novel. [LA replies: Hinderacker puts “youths” in scare quotes, putting himself scarily close to the truth. But if “youths” is not the correct description of the rioters, what is? He tells us that “youths” is a false word, thus seeming to distance himself from PC lies, but he doesn’t tell us what the true word is. So he is a coward.] The moral, I suppose, is that civilization faces various threats against which we do not yet have adequate antidotes.

Yep. Hinderacker can’t imagine any adequate antidotes for black mayhem. He can’t imagine, for example, naming the problem and punishing the malefactors.

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