What happened to the black boy who tried to stop his friends from dropping a shopping cart on Marion Hedges

Carol Iannone writes:

I saw at your site the mention of Marion Hedges, the woman who in October 2011 was struck in the head by a shopping cart thrown from three stories above her in a Harlem shopping mall, and I wanted to find out how she was doing. The most recent story I found, at DNAinfo.com, was from last March (which links to a NY Post article). She seemed to have recovered quite a bit. But the story also tells what happened to Achilles Baskin. He is the boy who tried to wrestle the shopping cart away from the two who threw it from the elevated walkway, hitting Hedges. He also ran to tell authorities what happened. He had trouble in his nabe afterward, and look how stupid liberal Bloomberg responds to it:

Baskin, who raced to tell authorities who had tossed shopping cart, has been harassed and labeled a snitch in his neighborhood and has since had to move, family friends told DNAinfo.

At a press conference Monday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg lauded Baskin’s courageous actions.

“I think the community will rally around this kid and understand,” Bloomberg said. “He did what was right. He did what I hope you or I would have the courage to do. And he certainly did. He deserves our admiration.”

A family friend told DNAinfo that Achilles Baskin’s mother, Shareen Baskin, has received death threats since her son identified the shopping cart-pushers to police. “Since her son helped the lady they’ve had to deal with threats to her life,” the friend said.

The family moved Achilles Baskin away from his home for his safety, but a friend said a promise from police to relocate Shareen Baskin and other family members after the incident went unfulfilled. “They have put her life in jeopardy,” the friend said. “Sure, he’s a hero, but who’s going to protect them now?”

LA replies:

Moral of the story: it’s not just that many individual blacks (including black Hispanics) are savagely violent and extremely dangerous to whites; it’s that the black community as a community supports those violent and dangerous black individuals.

Further moral of the story: beyond the duty of decent behavior owed to black individuals, white Americans owe NOTHING to black America as a community. Black America is an unregenerately hostile and destructive force in our midst.

And the solution? Terminate all unearned material and symbolic privileges to blacks. Repeal most anti-discrimination laws and regulations. These steps will disempower the black community, lead to a return to natural racial segregation at the local level, and restore blacks to the relatively powerless condition they rightfully occupy in this country.

Of course America will never adopt such measures, until the liberal order collapses.

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Bruce B. writes:

I guess I sound like a bleeding-heart liberal, but I feel sorry for decent members of their community. The boy tried to do what is right and look what he gets. That doesn’t refute any of your “moral of the story” conclusions, but isn’t it sad?

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