Intimations of Democratic mortality

In a recent entry, “You can’t beat Obama with nothing,” I wrote:

[T]he Democrats are extraordinarily weak now. I was watching the cable TV news stations last night, especially MSNBC, and it struck me how the more the Democrats’ program is discredited, the more hysterically they embrace it and the more they keep trying to build fear of Republicans. The left’s enthusiasm over Elizabeth Warren’s video diatribe, with its resentful, class-warfare, quasi Marxist message and Warren’s unhinged manner, shows how far out of step with America and reality the left really are. As I reflected on this, an instinctive feeling grew in me that the Democrats are heading into a catastrophic defeat in 2012, bigger than 2010.

- end of initial entry -

James P. writes:

It is true that the Democrats program is discredited, yet in the main, the Republicans are offering a “lite” version of the same program. They are trying to beat left-liberalism with right-liberalism, and though this can be a winning formula electorally, it is a disaster in practice.

The critical issue in the 2012 election is not whether or not Obama will be repudiated personally, but whether or not liberalism will be repudiated ideologically. If a right-liberal in the mushy Dubya mold is elected, then we have not slain the liberal monster but only driven it back into its cave to lick its wounds and prepare to emerge again in the future.

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