The racial tax man—have the taxes he’s taken over the last fifty years ever been added up?

Ronni%20Chasen.jpg Harold%20Smith.jpg
Ronni Chasen and the creature who murdered her

Looking at these two photos, with their all-too familiar racial arrangement of white victim and nonwhite killer, makes me wonder—has any newspaper or media organization or government agency in this country ever published the number of white people who have been murdered by blacks and nonwhite Hispanics over the last several decades, versus the number of blacks and nonwhite Hispanics who have been murdered by whites?

Of course not. The racially paradigmatic photos of white victim and nonwhite killer appear repeatedly, ritually, in newspapers and local TV stations around the country, but never with any text pointing out the fact that here is yet another white murdered by a nonwhite. As in a nightmare version of Keats’s “Ode on a Grecian Urn” (“Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard / Are sweeter”), the racially significant images are ever before us, but remain forever mute, their racial content and significance never, ever, being stated in words. The racial tax of white lives terminated by nonwhite violence and vengeance is continually being extracted, but it is a tax that cannot be found in the U.S. Code and is not mentioned publicly by anyone.

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A reader writes:

Looking at that photo of Ronni Chasen, I think blondes are more picked on. Being a blonde is definitely a deficit in terms of safety. That pretty TV anchorwoman in Arkansas who was beaten to death in her house [see this and this]; Elizabeth Smart; Ronni Chasen. It’s a signal of some kind of vulnerability.

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