More disappointments from Michael Reagan

In a comment at gop.usa responding to yet another thoughtless column by the clueless Michael Reagan (whom I used to admire and think was a genuine conservative, until it became clear that he was complete neocon), VFR reader Clark Coleman (“ClarkC”) writes:

Once again, Michael Reagan writes about how the Democrats are ruining California without mentioning immigration, which is how California became a one-party state. Keep up the current pace of immigration, and Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas will become one-party states over time. At that point, no conservative GOP presidential candidate will be able to gain an electoral college majority. But the “mainstream” “conservative” columnists lack the courage to discuss this. Ironically, Michael Reagan is bold enough to accuse the California GOP of lacking courage.

In an e-mail, Mr. Coleman says it is striking that his comment on the importance of immigration is not being denounced, but is being accepted by the other commenters.

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