No limit to Specter’s effrontery

Or, if one prefers a more charitable characterization, no limit to the consistency with which he pursues his highest ideal—himself. Is Specter the ultimate Randian hero?

Specter’s vote for an Obama job?
Washington Times, by Editorial Staff

It appears lame-duck Sen. Arlen Specter, sometime-Democrat from Pennsylvania, hasn’t had enough of the Obama administration’s job-for-politics merry-go-round. Not one to go gentle into that good night, Mr. Specter is angling to be a special envoy to Syria. At the same time, he is abandoning his own standards in order to support the Supreme Court nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan, all while giving the cold shoulder to Sept. 11 victim families even though those victims are trying to help his own legislation.

UPDATE 7/21: My outrageous-seeming remark about Specter and Rand was intended mainly as a joke, but it had an undertone of possible seriousness. A reader has objected to the comment and I have replied.
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