Boy, are those neocons easy

The neoconservatives danced in the street over Obama’s Nobel speech. Why? Because he said that sometimes war is necessary. But, as John Bolton pointed out in a TV interview, Obama has never been a pacifist, nor was Jimmy Carter or Neville Chamberlain a pacifist. So to celebrate the fact that Obama says he is not a pacifist is silly. The speech, says Bolton, is a cover for Obama’s globalist, anti-American (though Bolton, more politely, calls it “post-American”) agenda. By praising the speech so effusively, the neocons become the enablers of that agenda.

The linked interview of Bolton, on a program hosted by the intellectually sharp but insufficiently dressed Laura Ingraham, begins with an amusing selection of various neoconservatives’ and conservatives’ excessive compliments of the speech.

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A. Zarkov writes:

For the amusement of VFR readers, here’s an example of leftest commentary on John Bolton. Maddow comes across as an eight year old girl providing entertainment at a birthday party. Come to think of it, my daughter was more mature at eight. Let’s remember she has a radio show and a nightly TV show on MSNBC. Her Wikipedia bio describes her as a lesbian. On a more serious side, notice that the leftist objection to Bolton centers around his open willingness to pursue American interests as UN ambassador. In other words, he’s not “post American” like Obama.

A. Zarkov wrote in an unposted comment on December 12:

There’s a notable exception to the conservative cheering chorus for Obama’s Nobel speech: John Bolton. Appearing on Fox News Friday, Bolton called the speech “Shallow and Sophomoric.” Watch him here. Bolton said the speech “contained fundamental errors that pose a grave dangers for the US.” In my opinion, Bolton was about the only intelligent member of the Bush administration, and the target of a liberal smear campaign. So much so, Bush needed to use a recess appointment to appoint him as UN ambassador. Since he left the UN Bolton has consistently demonstrated that he understands what’s happening in the political and international arena. He correctly identifies Obama as a “post American” president in that he does not put the interests of the US first. I think Obama view himself as “a citizen of the world,” and as such is will to sacrifice American interests in service of some kind of global morality play. I don’t think his Nobel speech is an empty-suit speech—he’s telling us where he stands, and its not with his country.

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