Coulter takes stupid pills for her man

Ben writes:

Check out this bankrupt statement from Ann Coulter in her recent article on WND:

“If absolutely nothing changed in Iraq over the next few years – if it didn’t continue to get better and if the savages never lost heart (I’m assuming they subscribe to “TimesSelect”) – by 2010, 6,000 brave American troops will have died to prevent another 9/11 terrorist attack on American soil for a decade.”

I guess you can say one thing about Ann. At least she is willing to go down the drain all the way to the end with her man G.W., unlike the neo-cons.

LA replies:

The line, “By fighting them there, we avoid having to fight them here,” has always been one of the most low-IQ pro-Bush statements. That someone as bright as Coulter could join the chorus is disheartening.

But, as Carl Simpson has put it, “Here is your brain … Here is your brain on Dubya.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 14, 2006 01:42 PM | Send

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