King an anti-jihadist?

Daniel S. writes:

Robert Spencer quotes pro-Israel statements of Martin Luther King Jr., the implication being that King was some sort of anti-jihadist. Several of the commenters take it further and proclaim that King would have opposed race-baiting, Obama, CAIR, and Islamic extremism. I had to snicker at that. Dhimmi conservatives are forever trying to remake King in their image. If the beliefs he expressed during his life were any indication of where he would have headed ideologically had he not been assassinated, I could see him not only demanding so-called racial and economic justice and amnesty for illegal aliens, but denouncing America for Islamophobia and trafficking in the same Islamophilia that other left-wing black leaders are so fond of.

LA replies:

It’s not necessary to project beyond the statements he made during his life to imagine where he would have ended up had he lived. By the end of his life he was already an anti-American left-liberal (believing in equality of group outcome), not the patriotic right-liberal (believing in equality of individual rights) of the “I have a dream” speech” that mainstream conservatives with disgraceful intellectual dishonesty claim that he was.

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