Why the browning of America threatens the Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party

Kathlene M. writes:

This is something I thought of today when Sophia mentioned being depressed by the racial realities our nation faces. The demographic changes that are occurring against the will of the American people will negatively affect the Democrats as well, and that could be a good thing for an awakening of the American people and nation. Maybe I’m off-base on all this, but I thought I’d share my thoughts:

While the white liberal Tim Wise’s of the world gleefully celebrate the demographic demise of white conservatives, they ignore the fact that this same demographic trend will negatively affect their presence in the Democratic (a.k.a. Progressive) Party and our nation. And what will happen then? Do white liberals really believe that, once nonwhite minorities outnumber whites as a group, that minority groups will continue to elect white representatives? The Democratic Party is likely to fracture as the competing minorities, dominated by Hispanics, seek control of the party to obtain the most benefits and entitlements. I don’t think that black, Hispanic, and Asian interests will continue to align once whites are outnumbered. The Democratic party will very well splinter.

Currently the Congress is still dominated by white men including Democratic white men. The Democratic Party leadership, except for Obama, is still predominantly white. Jon Stewart’s rally supporters were, it seemed from photos, 100 percent white liberals. I would take an educated guess and say that Kos and other progressive groups such as MoveOn and Huffpo are dominated by white liberals. Which ethnic group dominates the homosexual lobby and its leadership? Whites. Which ethnic group is most concerned about global warming? Whites. When whites are no longer a majority, minorities will start electing members of their own groups, replacing the no-longer-useful white liberals. Minorities may keep whites on in lesser positions in the party but white liberals will no longer be their leaders. Once the Democratic Party no longer serves them, where will all those white liberals go, and what will become of their white liberal concerns, like global warming and gay marriage?

The census bureau’s projected population of the U.S. by around 2033-40 shows that whites will be around 49 percent of the population, Hispanics 24 percent, blacks 15 percent, and Asians eight percent. Whites will be still be the majority ethnic group, but all minorities as a group will outnumber whites. Assuming that half of that 49 percent white bloc would vote Democratic, this means that white liberals will only be about 25 percent of the voting bloc, less than the growing bloc of Hispanics who will demand that their interests be met.

Hispanics will dominate the Democratic Party, indeed turning the Democrats into the Hispanic party. Will Asians and blacks vote for Hispanic values and interests? That seems doubtful. Ethnic groups would rather vote for their own ethnic group’s interests, and give favors to their own families and kin. Democrats seem to think that these groups will all continue to come together and vote Democratic for eternity but this is a dubious assumption. The Democrats and their white leadership, like the Republicans, are on a collision course with demographics. The Democratic Party may cease to exist as it fractures along ethnic lines.

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November 22

Buck O. writes:

This is an interesting and important subject, and , in a way, I feel that it’s more important to me and to my 21 year old son, than economics, financial security or global power and politics, or war and peace. Discussions about race and politics, or race politics, and demographics can go into so many directions. But, in my simple mind, they always and inevitably end up in the same place. We lose.

Who or which group in America currently votes from broad principle or philosophy. Are white conservatives supporting candidates that agree with and desire the same standards and values and have the same vision of a traditional conservative society and culture, and it’s limited government? Or, are white conservatives voting for just for whites because they are white and somewhat conservative, rather than for the most conservative—whether or not they are white? If the majority of the candidates up for the US House of Representatives, say—for the next few rounds, were solid traditional conservative non-whites that represented everything that a traditional conservative could want—except the strengthening of a weakening white majority, would you be disappointed if they won all of the available seats and became the overwhelming majority of our lawmakers—from now on? What we are approaching, in our inevitable (it appears) shift in demographics, is more fundamental than just politics and the role of government in our lives—when we are wondering about what it will be like being a minority. It’s already too late to think only in terms of modern liberalism verses traditional conservatism. We’re looking toward a demographic shift that places political power further beyond the reach of a traditional, historical America value system—for sure, but moreover, we are going to find our own sense as a separate and distinct people, being further relegated to that of a disadvantaged or oppressed minority—something that ends us as the civilizational standard.

It isn’t just the politics—just the power to vote-in your own—when you are the declining demographic. It’s will be overwhelming to us, to be a minority—and especially because of who we are and for what we’ve “done”. Who’s going to stand up for whites as whites in numbers sufficient to matter? Not even withstanding the possibility that growing traditional conservative minorities could forever run this country.

The existential change to white American society and culture—it’s end—is as easy to envision as it also seems impossible to resist. The shear weight of the numbers and power of the trends—it doesn’t appear will ever be resisted and reversed. Without actually saying what I’m hinting at, which may be obvious, at this point—at some point, voting won’t matter one wit. We’ll be damned if we do, and damned if we don’t.

November 23

Kathlene M. writes:

Maybe I’m at heart an optimist, but I think that there’s hope in the changing demographics. This assumes that despite our best efforts we’re unable to repeal the nation-altering effects of the 1965 Immigration law. I’m definitely not arguing to give up, but am saying that, if we cannot change what’s happening despite all our best efforts, there is a silver lining.

The changing U.S. population will adversely affect white liberals too, and may actually free the nation long-term from radical liberalism. The stranglehold that modern radical liberalism has on our society is a white Western phenomenon which will lose its grip because those who have been perpetuating white guilt have been white liberals. As white liberals also decrease in relative numbers, the power of “white guilt” over succeeding generations will diminish. The Democratic party will only lose strength due to competing ethnic factions and its loss of whites. The GOP could evolve into a new conservative party that will naturally attract whites. This new conservative party may also attract ethnic groups with conservative values.

I’ve been reading a lot about this and have found that the Democratic Party has been slowly leaking support, most notably and unsurprisingly among whites. (The mainstream media won’t tell you this. They’ll only gleefully point out the loss of support among Republicans.) The Democrats temporarily gained “Millennials” (the youth from ages 18-29, touted as the most diverse generation yet) in 2008 due to the personality cult of Obama, but lost many young people by 2010 due to the Millennials’ disillusionment. Now the Democratic party is trying to satisfy all its various groups within and is becoming weaker. The power grab that we’ve seen and will continue to see with Pelosi, Reid and Obama is the last hurrah of the aging Democratic white liberal elite who have taken over the Democratic Party. They are doing everything in their power to change America radically (and enrich themselves and their progeny) before they too become obsolete and are eventually replaced by younger, more diverse Democrats who don’t share their concerns.

Here’s an example: In California, it was expected by the powers-that-be that Prop 8 (which upheld traditional marriage) would be defeated due to the fact that the state now is firmly Democratic. Surprisingly Prop 8 was not defeated. Gay marriage is a white liberal preoccupation. Many blacks and Asians voted in favor of Prop 8 which helped it succeed (Latinos were split 50/50). What may eventually happen as demographics change America is that white liberal obsessions will decrease in significance because they simply don’t matter to the emerging ethnic groups, and this may finally release us from the white radical liberal ideology that has put a stranglehold on our country since the 1960’s. White conservative Americans could find their place in this future and help restore our country.

The writer David Paul Kuhn noted that “One party’s implosion does not assure the ascension of another. The Whigs fall in the mid-nineteenth century did not give Democrats the majority.” (From “Democrats Year: Less Change Than Chance,” by David Paul Kuhn, Jan. 9, 2009) The Democratic Party is prematurely celebrating the demise of conservative whites and the Republican Party, but ignoring the realities that are changing their party as well.

James P. writes:

I am not convinced that white leftists would necessarily lose their control of a majority-brown America. Many Latin American countries appear to me to have a white oligarchy that runs the country. The Presidents of Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Panama, for example, more closely resemble my white liberal neighbors than they resemble the mestizo gardeners my neighbors employ. Moreover, these white Latin oligarchs are, from what I can tell, leftists not so very different from U.S. Democrats. In any event, if the left manages to install an insurmountable vote-bank of non-whites, the outcome of the election spells doom for traditional America whether the candidates elected are white or brown.

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