Mayor Michael R. Bloombrain goes into orbit

In April 2010, Michael Bloombrain declared in a speech that enforcing the nation’s laws and keeping illegal aliens out of America was “national suicide.”

Yesterday, the increasingly nutty and self-righteous Bloombrain returned to the theme, saying in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations that unless we “reform” the nation’s immigration laws, we are committing—yep—“national suicide.” It is national suicide, he said, because (even though we are already admitting over a million legal immigrants a year, a point he didn’t seem to acknowledge), we are keeping millions of talented entrepreneurs and job-producers out of the country. And what does Bloombrain’s desired immigration reform consist of? According to Politico’s article on the speech, it consists of expanding the number of H1B visas, and legalizing the 11 million illegal aliens. Now, since any increase of H1b visas will obviously be a tiny fraction of the 11 million illegal aliens who would be legalized, Bloombrain’s nation-saving immigration reform consists essentially of legalizing illegal aliens. Thus Bloombrain apparently believes that legalizing 11 million sub-literate Mexicans is going to add to America’s entrepreneurial and technological creativity. And he believes it so much that he says it with a straight face to the august Council on Foreign Relations.

My theory: Bloombrain represents a florid extreme of the collective liberal Jewish narcissism I have spoken of previously. Such narcissists see every issue through the filter of Jewish experience and sensibililty. Since Jewish immigrants to America and their offspring became successful entrepreneurs and professionals, the same must be equally true of all immigrants, even Mexicans with 90 IQs.

And the Jewish narcissists believe this, not just because they blindly assume that everyone is just like them, but because, in their insane fears of an outbreak of white Christian anti-Semitism in the most philo-Semitic country in world history, they feel that everything about immigration must be shown to be wonderful. If it’s not true that all immigrants can be as successful as the Jews, then there’s something wrong with immigration itself, and since the Jews, far more than any other U.S. ethnic group, identify themselves with the immigration experience, they believe that if something is shown to be wrong with immigration, then America’s proto-Nazi white Christian majority will think there’s something wrong the immigration that brought the Jews here, and will turn on the Jews. As crazy as it sounds, that is the way the liberal Jewish mind works, as I have shown at more length here.

In any case, Bloombrain’s statements about immigration have nothing to do with the real world, and everything to do with a fantastical tribal drama enacting itself in Bloombrain’s head.

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Greg W. writes:

Bloomberg is insane. He believes that America is some enchanted land. It’s kind of like the fountain of youth. As you cross the border into America, the Spirit of Entrepreneurism enters your body, and you transform from an illiterate 3rd world sub-90 IQ pauper to a producer of jobs or perhaps the next Einstein.

What do you think Bloomberg would say if you asked the following:

“Does Mexico need to import millions of average to high IQ white Americans in order to make it prosperous? Or, is the land in Mexico hexed, therefore ANY people would be un-prosperous?”

By Bloomberg’s logic, if America annexed Mexico, Mexico and its inhabitants would immediately be more prosperous and entrepreneurial.

As I always say, the denial of human nature and racial differences makes you say and believe dumb things.

June 16, 8:15 p.m.

Paul K. writes:

You wrote: “My theory: Bloomberg represents a florid extreme of the collective liberal Jewish narcissism I have spoken of previously. Such narcissists see every issue through the filter of Jewish experience and sensibility. Since Jewish immigrants to America and their offspring became successful entrepreneurs and professionals, the same must be equally true of all immigrants, even Mexicans with 90 IQs.”

I interpret the motives of highly successful Jews like Bloomberg somewhat differently. I think their incessant campaign to downplay the reality of IQ is defensive, motivated by fear of a backlash directed at Jews as the highest IQ and therefore wealthiest and most powerful minority in the country. To try to deflect attention from this fact, liberal Jews in the media and academia constantly downplay the significance of IQ and exaggerate the ability of education and “programs” to bring low-IQ groups up to par. Once you start talking about the fact that some groups are not going to make it in America because they can’t compete intellectually, you may then start talking about the fact that another group dominates business, the professions, and the media because it is intellectually superior, and that is what Bloomberg fears.

Steve Sailer made an astute point when he said that IQ would not be an issue in this country if both Jews and blacks were closer to the norm. The enormous gap between those two groups, and its implications, is what fuels the craziness of a Bloomberg.

LA replies:

Your argument is that Bloombrain fears the truth coming out that some groups have lesser intellectual abilities, because this will bring into focus the Jewish cognitive and socioeconomic advantages.

But if this were true, why would Bloombrain want to bring millions more low IQ brown people into America, since that will only increase socioeconomic inequality in America and thus make even more palpable the cognitive disadvantages of some groups and the cognitive advantages of others? If Bloombrain wanted to keep people from seeing the forbidden truth that Mestizos are less intelligent than Jews (or than whites generally), it seems to me that the way for him to do that would be to eliminate Mexican immigration, not to increase it.

Mark Jaws writes:

You are missing one vital component in your analysis of Mayor Bloombrain. Liberals such as he will publicly state out loud that there is no such thing as IQ, and that “education” can lift people up out of poverty, even those in equatorial Africa. Funny, but the IQ tests which have allowed Jewish liberals such as Bloombrain to enter and dominate Ivy League schools, are somehow to be discarded when it comes to discussing or even tacitly considering inherent differences in population groups.

Howard Sutherland writes:

Good clean hit on Michael Bloomberg today. You and Greg W. show how stupid it is to believe that mass third-world immigration is in any way comparable to the immigration of smaller numbers of more intelligent and more compatible groups. There is a cargo-cult quality to Bloomberg’s evident belief that America possesses magical properties that somehow release the power of each immigrant’s inner entrepreneur.

Looking at it from the other side - the effect of mass emigration to America on the sending nations, and focusing on more talented people than border-jumping Mestizos and Indios (presuming generously that those who invade under legal cover of an H-1B visa are in fact unusually talented) - Bloomberg’s attitude is equally reprehensible. What right does America have to strip-mine the rest of the world of capable people? God knows, in almost every instance, their native lands need their talents more than America does. This presumption that all the world’s people can only be truly fulfilled in America is exceedingly arrogant.

I have a problem these days with foreign students taking places in American universities, but not because I object in principle to foreigners’ studying in America. I object to the way our colleges and universities make a point of preferring them over Americans in admissions, and to how their courses of study become anchors to stay in America forever. Helping people learn skills they will then take home to apply where they are really needed is something to support, as long as it does not involve discriminating against Americans.

Bloomberg has another, personal stake in high numbers of H-1B visas. His shares of Bloomberg L.P. are no doubt in a blind trust while he is in City Hall (or should be, at any rate). Nevertheless, Bloomberg the man has a great financial interest in Bloomberg the company, and Bloomberg the company is a serial H-1B abuser in order to evade paying American-size wages. This was brought home to me at a meeting in Bloomberg’s custom-built New York headquarters. Our meeting was in one of the glass boxes Bloomberg has instead of proper meeting rooms. Across one wall was a telescreen, which as we were talking things over was scrolling the names and pictures of new employees in New York. I didn’t watch it every second, but every name and face I saw was East Asian or East Indian, and none looked at all Americanized. It left me thinking that probably every one of those many new hires I had seen scroll by was on an H-1B visa. All doing jobs for which no qualified American can be found? I think not.

Gilda A. writes:

No psychologizing necessary—it’s all about money and power.

On this issue, to keep workers poor and divided, and to demoralize the native ethnics (as in Europe).

Remember when Bloomberg came out in favor of the Mosque and it turned out he was setting up a news hub in Dubai?

Rick Darby has remarks about Bloomberg here.

Paul K. replies to LA:

My theory is that the liberal pro-immigration elite types like Bloomberg see the white middle class as the only threat to their power. Therefore, they seek political alliances with the lower class, which is not a threat, and claim always to be acting on its behalf. They also seek to dilute the political power of the white middle class through Third World immigration.

I’m not sure that’s fair or accurate, but not every motive a person acts upon is rational, so explanations of them don’t always make sense.

Tim W. writes:

Hey, where are we going to get the brain power to compete with the Chinese, the Japanese, and the South Koreans? We must import millions of lower class people from nations where even the upper class can’t compete with the Chinese, the Japanese, and the South Koreans. Don’t you see the logic in this? That Bloombrain is crazy like a fox.

June 18

Allen G. writes:

Regarding your recent analysis of Jews, I believe that the problem is deeper than you state. The Jews would concede that many of the immigrants would be the construction workers etc, but cannot see the major decline in the quality of the population nor the descent into the third world, with all of its pathologies. They still believe that these people are the just, the good, the noble, the salt of the earth. How could anything but good come out of it? The opposition are the narrow minded, the xenophobic, the reactionary. In other words they are the “bad” and the bigoted. You remember, all groups are equal, except that the Jews believe that the Other are more equal than white Europeans — the inversion of reality.

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