Video of tsunami hitting shore

Evan H. writes:

Someone on youtube has been editing together video of the tsunami. The first 55 seconds contains older footage that you’ve already posted, but other than that it was all new to me. The clip that starts at 4:15 shows what happens at the moment the leading edge of the tsunami hits the shore.

LA writes:

As Evan suggests, one of the earlier segments shows a much wider angle of a video we’ve seen previously, but it’s so much vaster than the earlier one, showing from a high distance overhead this enormous expanse of mud—it must be several hundred yards across— moving rapidly forward and destroying and carrying along everything in its path. But as staggering as that is, it’s almost minor compared to some of the things that follow it, such as a huge mountain of piled-up wreckage, of cars and buildings, spilling over a bridge or causeway as easily as dirty water being flushed down a drain. It’s like seeing all of man’s creations, civilization itself, being demolished and reduced to nothingness with a single blow.

John Dempsey writes:

And here is a video from the moment the tsunami hit.

LA replies:

This is the most detailed video yet, showing a large fishing vessel being dropped over the edge of the wave and falling sideways, showing cars being tossed around and piled up like toys.

As hard as it is to believe, the part of the ocean that is spilling as a wave looks like a solid object set much higher than than the land/water on which it is spilling. We get a sense of the tsunami as a distinct object unto itself.

Bill in Virginia writes:

Drag mouse over the images to see the effects of the tsunami

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