Derbyshire’s embrace of Roissy

Todd White writes:

As a critic of John Derbyshire, you might feel vindicated by reading his take on Roissy, posted at Secular Right:

Where Pretty Lies Perish

I’m by no means the first to admit it, but I find the Roissy in DC blog hilarious and totally addictive. He’s one of us, for sure (secular, Right); and his stone reductionism appeals to me enough to override the nagging feeling that I’m probably a bit of a herb myself, or was when it mattered.

The Roissy phenomenon, and one or two other windsocks—the popularity of the Two and a Half Men sitcom, with the very Roissyan Charlie Sheen—all support Mr. Hume’s “back to the Paleolithic” theory of social change.

Note: “Bradlaugh” is Derb’s name at Secular Right.

LA replies:

I think we linked this pro-Roissy comment of his during the big Roissy debate at VFR last summer.

Todd White replies:

If you’re referring to your Aug. 19 essay, it cites a different (but similar) take by Derb, in which he says:

I got addicted to a certain blog. I had better not mention the name of the blog, or Kathryn will pull the whole diary. It’s gross, cynical, coarse, and obscene. And conservative!

The Derb quote I sent you below has much bolder praise of Roissy, and a more explicit link between Roissy and Reductionist philosophy. I guess it takes one to know one.

LA replies:

And Heather MacDonald is a colleague of Derbyshire’s at Secular Right. And all kinds of conservatives and paleoconservatives consider Derbyshire their fellow conservative. When conservatives embrace Derbyshire as one of their own, we’re doomed, indeed.

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