Four police officers murdered by black man in Washington State

And so far, they’re not calling it a “random” event. Or even a “senseless tragedy.”

Four police officers shot dead at coffee shop near Parkland
Lui Kit Wong The News Tribune

Four local police officers were killed this morning at a Parkland-area coffee shop, and dozens of investigators backed by search dogs and a helicopter were hunting for their killer.

Witnesses described the killer as a black man, 5-foot-8 to 5-foot-9, in his 20s or 30s, with scruffy facial hair and wearing a black coat and blue jeans.

He walked into the Forza coffee shop at 11401 S. Steele Street about 8:30 a.m. and opened fire on the four officers, who were at a table doing pre-shift paperwork.

The man then fled southbound on foot.

The officers—three men and one woman—all worked for the Lakewood Police Department. All were in uniform. Their families have been notified, Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said.

They are the first Lakewood officers killed in the line of duty since the department was formed 2004.

“This was an execution, no doubt,” Troyer said. “This was a targeted attack.”

The Sheriff’s Department will be the lead investigating agency on the homicides. [ … ]

The gunman opened fire with a handgun. The baristas and two customers inside were not injured.

Police are possibly looking for another person and are searching multiple places, including residences and parking lot, Troyer said at a news briefing.

There is no information on the motive for the deadly killing. There was no preexisting threat against the officers.

As of right now, there is no link to the Oct. 31 slaying of Seattle police officer Timothy Brenton, who was gunned down as he and a colleague sat in a patrol car in Seattle. Police have arrested a man in connection with that case.

The Sheriff’s Department has set up a special tips line—866-977-2362. Tipsters also can call Crime Stoppers at 253-591-5959.

There is a $10,000 reward.

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said he’s following the developments in the slaying of the four officers.

“Our hearts go out to the families,” he said. “One of our main concerns right now is we still have some crazy coldblooded killer or killers on the loose.”Witness accounts from the four officers killed this morning in a coffee shop.

The coffee shop is located near an industrial park area and a Coca Cola distribution plants. It borders McChord Air Force base.

Mike Bostwick drove the coffee shop this morning as just as a couple of police cars were arriving moments after the shooting.

“I saw three vehicles pulling into Forza right off the bat,” he said.

“I was trying to stay out of the way.”

Bostwick said the officers have been working on gang issues in the area.

“I feel safe again,” he said. “I think the response is wonderful.” [LA comments: YOU feel safe again? You think the response is “wonderful”? This is about a mass murder, not a vacation.]

Jim Waldeck of Spanaway said he was on his Ralph’s Tavern for a cup of coffee like every day. He drove by the coffee shop and saw two Lakewood cars out front.

“That’s not unusual,” Waldeck said. “It’s pretty scary.” [LA replies: “Scary.” Another childish word American men now use.”]

[story continues.].

Richard W., who sent the item, writes:

More details, with primary sources, are at this thread at Free Republic.

This is the second incidence of a police officer being killed in cold blood in the greater Seattle area this year.

Tacoma is not thought of as someplace like Newark or Detroit with huge gang problems. Yet, the information linked here shows that is has a huge gang problem. We don’t yet know that the individual is a gang member, but it’s probably a reasonable guess that he’s part of the large dissaffected black underclass that fills the Tacoma ‘hood.

Sunday is a terrible day to get live news coverage. Here (in Washington) there is no coverage of this on any channel. The News Networks are all running either informercials or canned shows. The local stations have NFL and other high value programming. It’s shocking that with all these channels there is no way to get reporting on this other than the Web.

Einton writes:

It’s been a couple months since my last comment. My work is very seasonal so apologies for that.

I saw the news today, in an AP story, about the execution-style quadruple murder of police officers in Washington State. I noticed something was off when they noted a “male suspect” with no mention of race. I said to myself, come on, if he was white they would have definitely said “white male.” He must be black or Hispanic.

So to confirm the truth, I go to your website because I knew some helpful readers would have tracked the information down. Sure enough, my suspicions confirmed, the suspect is black.

Why are we not allowed to know the truth? Why are whites not allowed to know when a black or Hispanic has killed whites, particularly in cases like this where there could really be no motive other than resentment, anger, disaffection, and all those other emotions liberals love to bandy about as justification for black on white crime?

Also, the man is still at large! Wouldn’t it be nice if people knew his race so they could protect themselves and possibly provide information to officers about a person who resembles the suspect. But I’m sure the liberals would say, “That would unfairly target an entire community for suspicion.” So why mention gender then? That unfairly subjects all males to suspicion, right? It also seems a contradiction that when a black commits anti-white crime—which is quite frequent—it’s just an isolated random incident and does not reflect on the black community, but in the rare case that a white commits a hate crime against a black, blame is assigned to the entire white race.

The truth needs to get out and will get out thanks to sites like yours. Keep up the good work!

LA replies:

Thank you. In this case, a description of the suspect including his race came out pretty soon; the first story I read about the murders gave the killer’s race. But in other cases the suspect’s race is suppressed. And even when the race of the suspect is given, the racial nature of this endless series of racial attacks on whites by blacks is never identified. The fact that blacks are attacking whites is never stated. An exception recently was the Denver Post’s story identifying a wave of muggings in Denver extending over several months as racially motivated .

Einton writes:

They mention that Monfort, the “Halloween murderer” of a Seattle officer, was also black.

And why? As you point out, society treats black on white crimes as isolated incidents in which no larger conclusions need be drawn. No coordinated political, social, and criminal response is needed (although the weight of the Fed govt comes down on rare instances of white on black crime!!). For the media, no deeper story here. And just as they didn’t bother to delve into Monfort’s past, when they apprehend the latest cop-killer, they will see no need to explain the motive for why a black man would murder white officers execution style for seemingly no reason. Just a “senseless tragedy.” Move on.

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